Friday, November 29, 2013

100 Ladies, 100 Performances, 100 Reasons

So, I've been away for what feels roughly like 50 years. I still come to the blog every now and again and feel like writing something. Still, nothing comes.

But, I've had a total change of heart for the people out there who still wonder whatever happened to Sage. Well I'm still here and I've had an idea brewing for awhile. 100 Ladies for 100 reasons.

Yes, it's one of those awful ranking lists again. But, this time, I will reasons, causes, accolades as the ladies come down the line. A reason, you see.

Even though we've had a few questionable Oscar winners...

This will only best for the best ladies who ended up being nominated for their respected performances in the Best Actress category.

So take a shot, relax....

And wait for me to name the first woman as #100 in our countdown.

There are 423 nominated in Best Actress, only 100 can make it in this damn thing.


Fritz said...

Hey, great to see you back!

Tom said...

Looking forward to the list. Welcome back.