Friday, February 8, 2013

2012 Best Actresses

I've been something of a ghost around here, and many factors go into that. For one thing, I really have no interest in blogging anymore; it was an amazing thing being able to see and review all the nominees nearly 2 years ago, however I don't think I could ever do it again. There's just not that interest anymore, especially since everyone started reviewing the same categories. Second, life is very hectic, different, and more fulfilling. So no time to blog!

However, I'll always have time for the Best Actress category.

 I doubt I will have time in the next few weeks to track down these nominees. Which makes me sad I can't have a definite opinion on Oscar night.

However, I have seen the two frontrunners, and I'm glad they are both extremely good.

Jennifer Lawrence's characterization is something special. It brings back the old days when nominees could be entertaining, realistic, and unexpected. It's a fun performance considering most of the comedy doesn't revolve around her, she's more of a side character who is forced unto the audience like a storm. In the end, this is a fantastic performance that was shockingly unexpectedly great. Shows Jennifer Lawrence's power as an actress.

However, the Oscar should go to Jessica Chastain.

To say the performance is layered is an understatement. From the moment we meet her, her fragility is obvious, and as strength grows, the line about being a 'killer' is more and more accurate. At the end, those tears signify how the character has transformed. It's the true definition of a Oscar winning performance.


joe burns said...

I understand your feelings Sage: It does get tiring doing all of the best actress years, especially since you did them all! I myselg got sick of them, so my new blog (Check it out!) is more of reviews and coverage of the Oscar reason rather then rankings.

I'm glad you've seen Chastain and Lawrence!!! I personally like Lawrence much better, but Chastain is very good in her performance. But I think the role is too thin for her to be a real success in it. The script leaves out too many details for her to really make a great impression.

Wallis is worth seeing though! And I'll be seeing Riva very soon.

What did you think of Zero Dark Thirty by the way? And did you see Lincoln, Les Miserables, and Argo?

DistinguishedFlyer said...

Well it's all over now - what are your thoughts on the overall results?

Brennan said...

I know this is 7000 years late but I agree with your choice of Chastain. I'm still bummed months later that she didn't win because to me, she was the ONLY choice. I don't understand the JLaw love affair. I get she's young and attractive and everyone wants to crown her the next Miss Hollywood but Chastain has the same qualities. Wallis was less acting and more being directed. Not a fan of the youngsters getting noms like that. However, I'd rank her above Watts. What a terrible Best Actress nom! Best Screamer/Moaner sure, but she didn't live up to all the accolades lauded upon her. She was a minor part of the movie and didn't actually do all that much. It seems Watts has a lot of fans a la Kidman. Blech. Riva was okay but Chastain acted circles around her. Old and French doesn't equal a win, sorry.

Anyway, that's my take. What a great blog and I discovered you through your tons of comments on other blogs. I love it even if I'm so late!