Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Actress In A Leading Role" 2011


And the Academy selected:
  • Glenn Close in Albert Nobbs
  • Viola Davis in The Help
  • Rooney Mara in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
  • Meryl Streep in The Iron Lady
  • Michelle Williams in My Week With Marylin

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Osc...Ah, Who Cares...: Part Deux

I've been very, very quiet lately, now it's time to bring back Mo'Nique!

I don't expect much from the Academy these days - it used to be they were as uninvolved as they could get. Unfortunately and surprisingly the Golden Globes have become a better awards show in terms of who they give their awards and nominations too. The Academy chooses to be different now, almost like they have to give you surprises so you will tune in, only to find the frontrunners taking their expected awards. This year brought all kinds of 'surprises' and bringing myself back to the Golden Globes, they usually give odd nominations to people for their career - welcome to this years Oscars.

People do not like seeing penises...

Best Actor is a total wasteland, having only missed out on A Better Life. George Clooney will likely win a second undeserved Oscar for looking melancholy on-screen. Brad Pitt is the best of the group, proving he can be charismatic AND moving on-screen, which is something our future winner lacks seriously. I didn't particularly like Shame, mostly because it wasn't as shocking as I expected to be and sometimes a little shy about exploring it's topic, but Michael Fassbender arguably deserved the spot Ryan Gosling unfortunately missed out last year. Both risky roles, both raw and intense, and both snubbed. How laughable is Gary Oldman's nomination? Terrible...

Let's get right to it the worst part....

Mo'Nique's reaction to the two best performances of the year being snubbed.

The two best performances of the year (just like last year...) were again snubbed.

Charlize Theron gave the best performance of 2011 - her snub is egregious and completely, utterly disappointing. Watching her tackle black comedy was brilliant in itself. And before I cry, I'll move on too...

Oh my goodness, Academy. For what? Mimicry, Makeup (note the capital M) and whatever the hell Rooney Mara was supposed to be.

Supporting Actor is another wasteland, giving a career nomination to Max Von Sydow, over, I don't know, the great work of Albert Brooks? I'm still content with Christopher Plummer's future win - did we really need a Jonah Hill though? Absolutely not, but what can you expect.

Supporting Actress went according to what I expected. Melissa McCarthy was still a surprise...

So, I will review both Actress categories soon - not liking it, but it must be done.