Monday, November 7, 2011

The (Best Of) Honorable Omissions

Since I'm totally slacking off and in serious writer's block, I figured I would try to cover some Honorable Omissions so far.

The Honorable Omissions section has long been a favorite thing of mine - yes, I have not seen every movie ever
made in every year, nor do I pretend to know this, but it's always the most blunt section of my reviews. When you see 5 nominees reviewed and you see me suddenly throw out some odd little actress in probably a odd little movie, it's a bold statement. The supporting category has let me down this go-round, but there are some ladies who have made a bold impression in this series of ranking. Here's my favorite 6 (yes, 6) so far:

6. Mila Kunis in Black Swan (2010) 

There is something thoroughly haunting and engaging about Mila Kunis in Black Swan, and out of everyone about to be mentioned, she is the only one who came extremely close to actually being nominated (how she didn't is just as mysterious as her character).

5. Helena Kallianiotes in Five Easy Pieces (1970)

Playing super hippie bitch in one of my favorite movies ever, gives you a slight advantage, and mostly unknown actress Helena Kallianiotes is simply amazing in her constant criticizing and hippie blabbering.

4. Betsy Palmer in Friday The 13th  (1980)

Yeah, some people might boggle their eyes at me (which doesn't bother me at all) but this remains one of the few performances that actually have the power to scare me. The first movie in this series remains the scariest because it is most explainable and terrifying. Palmer's take on a vengeful mother is terrific.

3. Judith Light in Save Me (2008)

I have a certain affection for characters like this (denying bitchy women who want things their way) but Judith Light's character is much more complex, justifying her brutal actions with the grace of God. This performance is shocking and heartbreaking at the same time.

2. Ann Noland in Best Friends (1974)

It's long been an inspiring performance in a movie that maybe doesn't deserve it, Ann Noland's emotional and ditzy performance of a lazy waif Jo Ella. Everytime she is on-screen, her screen power becomes more and more apparent and by the end, she makes a lasting impression no matter which way the viewer chooses to take it.

1. Mary Lynn Raskub in Mysterious Skin (2004)

Yes, there may be a bit of bias going on here, but this time I choose Mary Lynn Raskub as giving best Honorable Omissions performance so far. One part of the title refers specifically to her: she is a mystery.

She constantly challenges the viewer with her downhome manners, dowdy appearance, and weak limp. She is really only on-screen for about 10 minutes and disappears 1 hour into the film, but she leaves me utterly enchanted in this challenging, disturbing, and brilliant film.


Deiner said...

I'm completely in love with Kunis, is a shame that she didn't reached the nomination. Still haven't seen the others.

dinasztie said...

Against writer's block: pick a year that you're really interested in and leave the order for while and get back to it after you got used to it once again.

About Betsy Palmer: I so don't remember that movie... :/ I saw it too long ago but it was indeed really scary.

Louis Morgan said...

I thought Kunis was good and certainly would have been deserving of a nomination. Kallianiotes certainly gave a very very interesting performance. I have seen Friday the 13th but far too long ago to clearly remember Palmer.