Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Actress In A Supporting Role" 1982

And the Academy selected:
  • Glenn Close in The World According To Garp
  • Terri Garr in Tootsie
  • Jessica Lange in Tootsie
  • Kim Stanley in Frances
  • Lesley Ann Warren in Victor/Victoria

My Ranking:

5. Lesley Ann Warren as Norma Cassidy in Victor/Victoria

Victor/Victoria's inability to impress me has already been discussed on this blog and Lesley Ann Warren's flamboyant performance as gangster moll Norma falls into that as well. She gets some funny moments as an airhead performer but she's extremely hard to notice unless you focus totally on her. And since this movie is totally indifferent for me, I couldn't care less about her performance or how hard she pushes her acting style.

4. Kim Stanley as Lillian Farmer in Frances

Kim Stanley plays the real life Lillian Farmer, mother of star Frances, who pushes her into show business. There is nothing like a well played bad mother and Stanley takes a different spin on that and plays Lillian as pushy, not bad, but very, very pushy. Endearing in every single way, but there is something lurking behind her that constantly shows. She takes a different spin and it's wonderful to watch it play out. A terrific performance.

3. Terri Garr as Sandy Lester in Tootsie

Terri Garr has the opportunity to play the kookiest character in Tootsie: Sandy Lester, a struggling neurotic actress. Garr steamrolls through the film, playing with many variations on what the character should be like, uneven. And most importantly, she is very funny. A kind of funny that is interesting, original, and surprising. She adds a great deal of charm to Tootsie and in part, makes it as good as it is.

2. Jessica Lange as Julie Nichols in Tootsie

It's sort of a hated win, but I find one of the best aspects of Tootsie is Jessica Lange's touching and wonderful performance as actress Julie Nichols. She plays the character in such a realistic, undramatic way that may lead to the fact alot of people can be unappreciative the depth that is found within the performance. I especially love the vacation scenes because it feels as if she is not even acting. Another terrific performance that adds to this great, great film.

1. Glenn Close as Jenny Fields in The World According To Garp

Glenn Close's amazingly textured performance in the wonderful World According To Garp is truly a great achievement. Jenny Fields is a nurse and mother who has a distinct way of thinking - a feminist in a time where there was no such thing. She is in touch with sexual awakenings and cannot be shocked with any new kind of way of doing something. She also plays the supportive mother wonderfully - Close portrays it in a realistic way, the mother may be a bit too much, but she is warmhearted nonetheless. It's just the performance that sticks out high among the rest, it's a strong year, but Close's performance is the one that is a little more textured then the rest.

Honorable Omissions: Phoebe Cates in "Fast Times At Ridgemont High".


dinasztie said...

I'm sort of torn about this year. For me it's impossible to decide who to pick from the two Tootsie ladies. Tootsie is sort of on my mind because I had my presentation at my German exam about Tootsie. :D But great Glenn is always so amazing. As much as I'm trying to decide, I can't. I give so many wins to Glenn still I cannot NOT vote for her. But I so want to give it to Teri and Jessica, too. If a gun was sticked to my head, I would say Teri... or great Glenn. :D

Three-way tie!

But for me Dustin is far and away the best thing about Tootsie. :) Would you give Best Actor to him? I know I would. :D I think Tootsie should have won Best Picture, too. :D

Louis Morgan said...

I was also unimpressed by Warren, but I did like both of the Tootsie women.

Dazzling Aura said...

i like both Tootsie and Garp. But between Tootsie girls i would give Garr a shot. She has minimal screentime but she was memorable while Lange was good but if Frances was not release that year, for sure Lange will be in Lead. I like Glenn Close in Garp she has warm and indescribable presence every time she's on scene.

joe burns said...

I've only seen the two Tootsie women, and I think Garr was better, but I don't mind Lange too much.

I'm surprised at these results! I remember Close being lower as well as Lange, but opinions always change over the time.