Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Actress In A Supporting Role" 1997

And the Academy selected:
  • Kim Basinger in L.A. Confidential
  • Joan Cusack in In and Out
  • Minnie Driver in Good Will Hunting
  • Julianne Moore in Boogie Nights
  • Gloria Stuart in Titanic

My Ranking:

5. Kim Basinger as Lynn Brackett in L.A. Confidential

Even if I despise that someone won an Oscar or if someone wins for no other reason then being who they are (Sandra Bullock), few Oscars winners really do nothing or are really, really bad. Kim Basinger's performance as Lynn Brackett breaks both of those.  The limited feelings of her acting is always present no matter what the scene calls for, not to mention she is totally stilted on screen, causing a performance that is nothing but an embarrassing piece of work and nothing more.

4. Minnie Driver as Skylar in Good Will Hunting

Minnie Driver is also stuck in a stilted part and just like Kim Basinger, her performance as the rich girl Skylar is all over the place. Both actresses are way too old to be playing the characters they are stuck with and it clearly shows to me. Her character is supposedly this odd, sexy, unique girl who catches the attention of the most brilliant person on Earth, but honestly, these two share nothing in common and they have zero chemistry. So, without throwing too much mud at these two, they are by far, two of the weakest nominees ever.

3. Joan Cusack as Emily Montgomery in In & Out

There is often funny moments to be found in Joan Cusack's performance as Emily Montgomery, a woman caught in a bad romance with a secret gay man. The problem with this performance is essentially Joan Cusack is stuck in a lousy role that calls for her to be a total idiot, and a desperate idiot at that. There is substantial to take away from her role and when she is on-screen, she pushes too much for annoying and clingy.

2. Gloria Stewart as Rose Dewitt-Brukater in Titanic

Gloria Stewart's moments as the old Rose are often the parts of Titanic I'd rather just skip over. It's not that they are boring, it's just not up there in greatness with the Kate/Leo storyline. But, she certainly does try her best with the part, even if I am one to criticize the performance. There is not much to it, all she really has to do is narrate the epic and she does a good job of doing just that, but a great performance? Not really.

1. Julianne Moore as Amber Waves in Boogie Nights

She sticks out this year like a sore thumb - in a lineup as bland as this one, Julianne Moore's odd, yet amazing performance as porn star Amber Waves is delectable. She blazes across the screen with a fierce performance - trying to balance between the awkwardness of being a porn star who isn't exactly made for the job and trying to be a maternal figure to those around, something she is deeply missing in her normal life she gave up. It's a brilliant characterization that seems strange when it comes to Oscar, but they wisely nominated the best that year.

Honorable Omissions: Heather Graham in "Boogie Nights".


Louis Morgan said...

Moore is easily the best of this rather lackluster year.

Fritz said...

I really like Basinger and I love Cusack.

dinasztie said...

I agree with Louis.

joe burns said...

Julianne! But Joan is great to me, and I like Stuart more. But neither Basinger or Driver is impressive.

DistinguishedFlyer said...

Re: honorable mentions,

What did you think of the women in The Sweet Hereafter?