Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Actress In A Supporting Role" 1987


And the Academy selected:
  • Norma Alejandro in Gaby: A True Story
  • Anne Archer in Fatal Attraction
  • Olympia Dukakis in Moonstruck
  • Anne Ramsey in Throw Mama From The Train
  • Ann Sothern in The Whales Of August

My Ranking:

5. Ann Sothern as Tisha Doughty in The Whales Of August

It's odd that out of the entire cast, the only one to get recognized is Ann Sothern playing the longtime neighbor Tisha. It's a very exaggerated performance even though there's hardly nothing to do it. You can tell Ann Sothern is trying to channel the old style acting of the 40s and I'm not one who finds this particular style all that amazing, and Sothern's director should have instructed her not to do that. Gish and Davis can play that well, not Ann Sothern.

4. Anne Ramsey as Momma in Throw Momma From The Train

I would probably like it more if there was a tad bit more believability to it - Anne Ramsey's title character is annoying in the least entertaining ways, she's just a loud, tough bitch who is constantly bitching, there's nothing entertaining or funny about it for me. Sure she can be an interest on screen (that look, that voice) but an Oscar nomination for something she has done so much? Not here.

3. Norma Alejandro as Florencia in Gaby: A True Story

It's surprising that this film is widely unknown today, it's a really enthralling film that is carried by Norma Alejandro, a longtime keeper of a sick girl. She truly holds the right note in the film, even though she's not exactly watchable most of the time - yes, she might even be the weak link. She tries so incredibly hard to make something out of the routine part, but for me, she is good, but not amazing in the slightest.

2. Olympia Dukakis as Rose Castorini in Moonstruck

It's hard to standout as a supporting player unless you really have the material and the guts to actually stand up. Olympia Dukakis really conquers this and ends up giving a great, wonderful performance as Cher's supportive mother and suffering wife. She is truly able to pull off the charm that is needed and you see her ease her way on-screen without any problems. She may not be able to pull off it as well as Cher, but it's still charming work.

1. Anne Archer as Beth Gallagher in Fatal Attraction

For me, it really became an easy pick - Anne Archer's performance as the sexy, betrayed wife in Fatal Attraction is just a terrific creation that fits in well with the film. Especially, in the beginning, the character sticks out so much that when she is finally aware of what has happened, her unbelievable eyes are shattering. I don't believe she is a great actress (limited) but all the right stars aligned for her here, enabling her to give a fantastic performance.

Honorable Omissions: None.


Louis Morgan said...

I have not seen Fatal Attraction in awhile but I recall Archer being good. I liked although did not love Dukakis as well.

dinasztie said...

For me it also Olympia vs. Anne but I think I would personally go for Olympia.

DistinguishedFlyer said...

This is a surprise - I would have expected Dukakis - but Archer is good too, and often unappreciated for this film.