Monday, August 1, 2011

Shirley MacLaine in "Some Came Running"

Shirley MacLaine received her first Oscar nomination for playing Ginnie Moorehead in Some Came Running.

Some Came Running is an overlong, boring movie that tries to make some kind of political statement for the 1950s. The problem is it never focuses on anything other then an inane love triangle that goes from point A to B, and how I could believe that both Shirley MacLaine and Martha Hyer could have some kind of attraction to the unlikeable character played by Frank Sinatra is mindbogging. It follows the story of a bitter alcoholic writer and army veteran Dave who returns to his small town after a pathetic yet exciting stint in Chicago. He is followed home by an 'easy' girl he spent the night with before and begins living his life over again.

Shirley MacLaine plays the rather thankless part of Ginnie Moorehead, a loud drunk floozy who followed Dave home on some sort of demented thought that he might really love her. The romance between Dave and Ginnie is never fully conceived - she's a bad girl, he wants nothing to do with her, but they both find comfort in each other. The script treats her like a caricature, a character that can never go beyond being the hopelessly loud, vulgar floozy. And that's exactly how far MacLaine takes it as well.

To say Shirley MacLaine is overacting in Some Came Running is bit of an understatement. Throughout my re-adventuring through this category, I've rediscovered how scenery chewy MacLaine can be, and this is certainly no exception. She chews the screen up so bad I was ready to see the teeth marks on the side of the screen - just like her movie, there is a total indifference to her, the character, and the material. There is nothing there holding me to their sympathy or why I should even be watching this. That combined with an ill-conceived character and one or two scenes where she really shines, searching for some life in her character, but it's nothing to make this performance become amazing.


dinasztie said...

I liked her more but I agree in many things.

Louis Morgan said...

I agree again.

joe burns said...

Never seen her!