Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Actress In A Supporting Role" 1968

And the Academy selected:
  • Lynn Carlin in Faces
  • Ruth Gordon in Rosemary's Baby
  • Sondra Locke in The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
  • Kay Medford in Funny Girl
  • Estelle Parsons in Rachel, Rachel
My Ranking:

5. Kay Medford as Rose Brice in Funny Girl

As it has already been shown with Peggy Wood in The Sound Of Music, some veteran actresses get their first nominations for simply coasting on the success of their films. Here is another prime example: Kay Medford as Fanny Brice's adoring mother Rose. It's a short role, and all she does is adore her daughter and support her no matter what. It's a nothing performance, an obvious example of someone coasting on the success of the film, and proof the Academy will sometimes just throw anyone in.

4. Sondra Locke as Mick in The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

Sondra Locke's performance is Mick is the only redeemable quality about the slow mess that is The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter. Her wide eyed, no-nonsense presence is a true breath of fresh air here, adding little hints of wisdom and sarcasm to her lines. Even though she does sink below the limitations of her film, Sondra Locke still makes a good impression here, even if it's not a performance I especially love or respect.

3. Estelle Parsons as Calla Mackie in Rachel, Rachel

1967's Supporting Actress was back again this year playing the lonely teacher (who also happens to be a lesbian) Calla Mackie in Rachel, Rachel. This film is endlessly fascinating and Parsons is part of that aspect. Her performance is a hard one to judge - on one hand, I think she is overacting, but on the other I think it makes alot of sense for the character she is playing. It's a nice performance that counterparts the film wonderfully, but it's also one that has a bad aftertaste. I'm sure my rating will change in the future, but for now, it seems only plausible.

2. Lynn Carlin as Maria Forst in Faces

Lynn Carlin's desperate, sad, and ultimately fabulous performance as Maria, rips through Cassavettes' film with a true, unbelievable force. Her chemistry with Seymour Cassal is truly amazing, both of them take the slightly improvised material and turn it into a remarkable achievement. She is a three dimensional character, brought to life by Carlin is the best possible ways. It's a more then terrific performance that haunts me as a viewer.

1. Ruth Gordon as Minnie Castavet in Rosemary's Baby

When it comes to fabulous acting, hardly anything can beat this one: Ruth Gordon's performance as nosy neighbor and Satan fan Minnie in Rosemary's Baby. Ruth Gordon runs the gamete from being ridiculously charming, funny, to a surprisingly creepy, manipulative presence. She won't mind her business and annoys her neighbors endlessly. It's an incredible balance Gordon is able to find within the limitations of how little she is given. It's a performance I love immensely and I think Ruth Gordon gives a very brilliant performance within those limitations. 

Honorable Omissions: None.


Louis Morgan said...

I agree about Locke, and Medford. Gordon and Carlin are both terrific, in the end I would probably give it to Carlin.

hey deanie said...

Love Sondra Locke here. Alan Arkin's performance is, for me, a masterpiece.

joe burns said...

agree about medford, disagree about Gordon, though I haven't seen her.

Need to see Carlin!

Fritz said...

Just as I expected! :-)

Hopefully we'll agree again some day!

dinasztie said...

I'm not as enthusiastic about Gordon as most people but I like her and she's probably my pick. Or Lynn Carlin. Well, I don't really know. LOL

joe burns said...

I meant I haven't seen Gordon in the context of the film, lol.