Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kathleen Turner in "Peggy Sue Got Married"

Kathleen Turner received her first Oscar nomination for playing Peggy Sue in Peggy Sue Got Married.

Peggy Sue Got Married tries it's best to coast on it's fascinating concept - a woman is transported to her high school days just as she is about to face a long needed divorce. It really doesn't have too because the film is fine on it's own right, becoming a great creation of fantasy and warmhearted drama & comedy that makes the film entertaining. With the exception of Nicholas Cage, the film is almost perfect - making a lasting impression.

Kathleen Turner plays the title character, Peggy Sue. Even though she was very young and still very sexy at the time of the filmmaking, Turner is wonderful as the 40ish wife who is exhausted by her husband. He is annoying and cannot connect to her at all, and she is finally tired of all his crap. But, the entire performance builds up to the excellence of the flashbacks where Peggy Sue gets to go back and live out her high school days again - a chance to change her life so she won't have to suffer such an exhausting existence later in her life.

What's so wonderful about her performance is how Kathleen Turner can hit comedy just as well as drama - she can be funny, sad, hopeful, everything you could want. When she has a touching moment, it's all believable; no matter what my previous statements were, Peggy Sue Got Married wouldn't work had Kathleen Turner not been up to the challenge of such challenging material that requires her to be extremely charming, but not annoying. And unbelievably, she fills Peggy Sue with it all - there's never a moment where I was unimpressed with her choices, her husky voice seems extremely odd for a teenager but she thankfully makes up excuses for her voice being so withered. Overall this is a great, enjoyable performance full of life, fantasy, dreams, hope, comedy, and unbelievable wit. An impressive performance all around.


Robert said...

Aww! Your review made me remember how much I love her in this. She does such fantastic work and makes such an interesting character even when the script doesn't always give her the best stuff to work with. It's such a fun and successful movie, like you said, because of Kathleen Turner. Nicolas Cage is really bad though. Hahaha

dinasztie said...

For me, this is nothing special. She may win.