Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jane Fonda in "The Morning After"

Jane Fonda received her last Oscar nomination for playing Alex Sternburgen in The Morning After.

Everything you have heard about The Morning true. The film is full of plotholes and dialogue that can easily become exhausting - you really have to keep up with it or it will completely loose you with the murder mystery story. A messy, sloppy, alcoholic actress wakes up in an unknown man's apartment and realizes the man has been stabbed to death. Not knowing what happened, she flees but it's only a matter of time before things start to change and she could be the next to die.

Jane Fonda plays the boozy actress Alex Sternburgen - she is beautiful, despite her visceral alcohol problem. We don't get much of a backstory besides that, but once the film is set into motion, it doesn't matter that much because Fonda plays the best of her character; her nervousness, her worries, her charming personality that still exists even though she has many troubles - she does a perfect job of establishes a real person. Alex is so unsure of everything, except she knows she couldn't have killed the man - it's not in her nature, as she says.

Fonda knows how exactly to play the character without going over the top which could have been very easy with a stereotypical character like this. Instead she plays the shabbiness in a much more subtle way, never taking it over the line of it being unbelievable. She plays the charm of Alex in a much more over the top way, yet it all works - obviously she knows what to do with her character, but Jane Fonda turns Alex into a three dimensional character; a character you can relate too easily, not some prime and proper diva who has a drinking problem, she takes it way beyond that. Her performance is terrific in how well she manages to overcome the limitations of The Morning After and actually give a magnificent performance.

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dinasztie said...

I loved her despite the horrid movie.