Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Meryl Streep in "Postcards From The Edge"

Meryl Streep received her ninth Oscar nomination for playing Suzanne Vale in Postcards From The Edge.

Postcards From The Edge is the kind of comedy you wish every comedy could be. It's smart, touching, and realistic without having to reduce itself to mind numbing dribble that has no point or substance. It's also great to have two actresses who knew exactly how to handle their characters without dumbing them down. The story of a former drug-addicted actress who is forced to stay with her mother after she is released from rehab. She attempts to make a new movie as well as strengthening her relationships with her mother.

Meryl Streep plays Suzanne Vale, the coping actress. She is witty, tired, yet ready for her life to begin again - all the problems she has had with substance abuse can be traced back to her mother. She is not really stable, but knows how to handle herself, whether it be with drugs or not. To put it quite simply, Meryl Streep is wonderful in the part. She can deliver all the witty one liners with ease and the many, many hilarious wry moments perfectly. Of course since this is Streep, all those dramatic moments are just as good - finding the perfect balance between being funny and being touching.

It's amazing how wonderful and entertaining Meryl Streep in Postcards. She's always been an actress who could show her range with comedy perfectly, but here, something is different. It's almost like she's not even trying to be as touching as she is. She looks effortless, no matter if she is arguing with Shirley MacLaine or throwing sarcastic lines at the audience. She can be romantic, funny, or even hurtful - a magnificent performance.


joe burns said...

It sounds great! Surprised you liked her this much!

dinasztie said...

I most definitely agree! I was tempted to make her my pick but I was worried about what Kathy might do to my ankles. :D

I loved her singing in the end! It was AMAZING!