Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Joanne Woodward in "Mr. and Mrs. Bridge"

Joanne Woodward received her last Oscar nomination for playing India Bridge in Mr. and Mrs. Bridge.

Mr. and Mrs. Bridge is a horribly slow film that is dreadful to watch. What starts out as a standard look at families in a classic society turns into a never-ending, talky, unrealistic look at America's changing morals. The story of a family; an inexpressive husband, an unsatisfied mother, and their three kids, all different in many ways. The husband is the kind of person you would love to just slap for being stubborn and the wife is the kind of person you would love to slap for not standing up for herself and living her own life.

Joanne Woodward plays India, the wife - she is cheerful, loves to please her family, and likes being apart of the conservative social circle. However, she is becoming completely engrossed with middle aged angst that has developed from not being able to do anything with her life. He treats her very badly - he's not abusing, but he is a cold, uninvolved man and she wants much more from him. She is simply going through the motions and begins to contemplate what her life could be if she took more chances.

Joanne Woodward is simply the only watchable thing about Mr. and Mrs. Bridge - since Paul Newman plays a terrible character and in a very boring banner, it's up to her to make this thing completely believable. She adds alot of characterization and life into the character - but she can't save herself, unfortunately. She is just as dull as her movie and the only times she really gets a chance to shine is when she does something completely unexpected. When the character becomes a bit eccentric, it's surprising and watchable. But, it takes alot to sit and watch it regardless, she has the chemistry with Paul Newman, but they feel strange together here. It's an interesting performance, no doubt - the repressed housewife can be a good role for any great actress, but she needed a better movie and alot more enthusiasm for her part.

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dinasztie said...

Mediocre performance in an awful movie, in my opinion. I don't like Woodward that much as an actress anyway.