Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Meryl Streep in "Out Of Africa"

Meryl Streep received her sixth Oscar nomination for playing Karen Blixen in Out Of Africa.

Out Of Africa is a long, tedious film, that I personally have never cared for. It has some amazing cinematography the beautifully captures Africa, but besides that, there's nothing for me to ecstatically write about. The story is fine, if a little uninteresting, and the cast is average, especially Robert Redford, who I think was miscast.

Meryl Streep plays Karen Blixen, a Danish writer. She is a wealthy woman, controlling a coffee plantation with her husband in Africa. Her husband is constantly being away from her, so she takes it upon herself to do her own thing while in Africa, which is when she meets an English hunter (Redford), and soon a secret romance develops.

Meryl Streep steps foot in this movie, and starts acting up a storm. Karen is not a self conscious or depressed woman, rather just anxious to find something more in her life, which is why the affair starts up. So, Streep plays Karen in a different way, high strong. She seems like a woman you don't want to be around at all, and even wonder why Robert Redford would want to be with her. But, I will grant Streep doesn't go all ballistic with Karen's abrasive personality.

Most people quote Steep's accent as being horrible and incorrect. Well, personally, I don't know what a supposed German-Danish accent sounds like, so it didn't bother me. People should be attacking Robert Redford for not even making an attempt at an English accent. What bothers me most about Meryl Streep's performance is how uninteresting it is. Still, it's a nice effort and probably the only reason to see this film.

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dinasztie said...

When I last saw her I thought she was incredible.