Sunday, May 8, 2011

Anne Bancroft in "Agnes Of God"

Anne Bancroft received her last Oscar nomination for playing Mother Miriam Ruth in Agnes Of God.

Agnes Of God is a confusing, yet interesting film about a dead baby being found in a convent. A young nun is the mother, but the hateful Mother Superior Ruth doesn't want anyone to question her, especially when a nosy Jane Fonda shows up to find out how the baby died.

Anne Bancroft plays the Mother Superior of the convent. She is domineering and overbearing, but Bancroft throughout the movie is able to show more and more emotions from her. Like a warmness and humor that shines, it's all on perfect display here by Bancroft. Especially when we learn the secrets of Mother Superior and why she has become a nun.

It's somewhat easy to see how Anne Bancroft was nominated instead of Jane Fonda for this film. Bancroft injects so much personality and bitterness in Mother Superior, that it's more then likely her, that will be on your mind after it's over. And her chemistry with Jane Fonda is fantastic. The two argue or disagree throughout the movie, yet in a way, they rely on each other for some answers. There's always something beneath the performance that Bancroft tries consistently to hide, until finally, she get's to reveal it, and it's a great moment.

This role begs for someone to overact, yet Bancroft holds her down, and let's the Mother grow on the screen, letting her own emotions evoke the change in her. A good performance done right, but I kept asking myself how come there wasn't alot more of it? Still, Anne Bancroft is able to do alot with Mother Superior, and I commend her for not making it a total cliche.


joe burns said...

Never seen her, but she sounds really good!

dinasztie said...

What did you think about Jane Fonda?

Sage Slowdive said...

Jane is slightly mixy here - not as good as I would expect here to be.