Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Actress In A Leading Role" 1962

Due to a blogger error, here we go again:

And the Academy selected:
  • Anne Bancroft in The Miracle Worker
  • Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?
  • Katharine Hepburn in Long Day's Journey Into Night
  • Geraldine Page in Sweet Bird Of Youth
  • Lee Remick in Days Of Wine and Roses
So, will I agree with the Academy or name someone else the best of 1962?


Louis Morgan said...

An interesting year, the only one I have not seen is Hepburn who may be your choice though.

joe burns said...

Hepburn probably, although it's an open field.

DistinguishedFlyer said...

Probably Davis or Bancroft, but given how much you liked The Miracle Worker I'll say Bancroft will be your pick.

Louis Morgan said...

Well again an interesting year, Hepburn might be your pick.

That error was rather annoying though, since it deleted my Melvyn Douglas review on me, which I had already completely written.

joe burns said...

Hmmm, a really interesting year! I'm guessing it'll be Kate, since you seemed to really like her in your original ranking, but Anne is a very strong threat. I think I'm looking forward to Bette's review the most of these five though. You should do her first.

Sage Slowdive said...

I shall venture in to Baby Jane first then.

And yes Louis, that 'error' was incredibly unnecessary, especially since it lost alot of stuff on here.

dinasztie said...

OMG, what happened to blogger?

Wow, I'm also the most interested in Bette's review.

This is a wonderful year. Again, I'll predict Hepburn.