Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Katharine Hepburn in "Morning Glory"

Katharine Hepburn won the Oscar for playing Eva Lovelace in Morning Glory.

Morning Glory is just an average film, that works well if Katharine Hepburn works well. The story is interesting, it's well made, but the supporting cast seem a little out of place and searching for something to do. It's all about Katharine Hepburn, and rightfully so.

I have been very critical of this performance in the past, but, I've recently become very impressed with it. If you take it for what it is, which is a very intentional theatrical performance. She plays Eva Lovelace, a smart young, but impressionable aspiring actress. She is full of vibrancy and excitement to the people around her, but it's the nervous ambition that drives her to put up a fascinating facade. She is fascinated by acting...she wants to live the dream of being fussed over constantly and having her life lived out on the stage.

It is true - Hepburn overacts here. But, that doesn't mean it's bad or unfitting, because Eva is always trying to bring attention to herself. It's very theatrical, and purposely so. Kate adds so much dominating charm to the character of Eva, she lights up the screen. Eva's personality is so perfectly realized by Hepburn, that when we see the weakness show throw her fascinated facade, we feel a deep sympathy for her.

It's definitely a divisive performance, and I've been in that front of that criticizing line, but now I appreciate the work on display by Katharine Hepburn.


Fritz said...

well, you know my opinion but it's nice to see such appreciation of her work!

joe burns said...

I really want to see her! But it was taken off Youtube last year..

dinasztie said...

I once started to watch this movie, but it was so horrible that I had to stop. I will definitely give it another chance, though.

Louis Morgan said...

Interesting too see a positive look for a usually panned performance.