Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Greta Garbo in "Romance"

Greta Garbo received her second Oscar nomination for playing Madame Rita Cavallini in Romance.

Romance is okay for an early talkie, but it's not amazing, but the story is interesting enough to keep you engaged. The story is a story within a story actually - a boy wants to marry an actress, much to the dismay of his family, so he goes to an admirable man of his, and the man tells him the story of his failed romance with an opera star, Rita.

Greta Garbo looks irresistible in Romance. It's as simple as that - the woman was incredibly beautiful and that helps out with her less then satisfying performance as Rita. It's not Garbo is bad or mediocre as Rita, but I always got the feeling she wasn't trying hard enough. Romance relies on how well the chemistry between the two lead actors are, and for the most part, the two have it, but once the story focuses solely on their troubles, it becomes very routine and she sinks beneath that.

Her best moments come in the beginning, when the romance is just budding and is about to blossom into something much more. Garbo tries too add a little humor to the part, but it's mostly her charm that gets her through the film. Well, that and her beauty, it is really something else. Which it is a very watchable, charming portrayal, but I am just not as moved by it as I wanted to be.

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Louis Morgan said...

Well it is always obvious to see Garbo's distinct appeal, but some of her performances do not utilize more than that.