Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Actress In A Supporting Role" 2010: My Ranking

5. Hailee Steinfeld in "True Grit"
- Hailee Steinfeld's obvious acting experience and obvious coaching by the filmmakers is present in nearly every scene. With an hour of screentime, you would think something would work out, but for me, nothing does.

4. Helena Bonham Carter in "The King's Speech"
- In a wretched role in a horrendously awful film, Helena Bonham Carter simply has nothing to do. Could she? Absolutely, but she played the Queen Mother exactly how it was written: loving and charming. Nothing more. Mediocre and boring without any redeeming values.

3. Melissa Leo in "The Fighter"
- Melissa Leo walks a fine line in The Fighter, always between morose and hysterics. She carefully always walks that line on screen, and memorably screams and shouts. Other then that? She's hollow, only able to fill the screen when she is chewing it and she doesn't even go fully over the top, always drifting below it, making it more and more unbelievable.

2. Amy Adams in "The Fighter"
- The Fighter doesn't do justice to anyone, but Amy Adams managed to walk away showing she had the most acting ability in the production. With the littlest line (no matter how ridiculous they might sound) she successfully shows her character's facade and vulnerability. Very uneven, but what she does is commendable especially for the role.

1. Jacki Weaver in "Animal Kingdom"
- It takes awhile to even begin to understand what Jacki Weaver was trying to do with her part, but she successfully creates her arc and follows it very clearly. She's like a fly throughout the film, only making an impact when you allow her too - but when she does shine, she's great at it.

Honorable Omissions: I would have loved to have voted for Jackie, and no I don't mean Miss Weaver. Ah, well at least you have my respect Swan understudy/Meg Griffin.


dinasztie said...

Jacki is a great pick. It would be nice to see her upset, but that's not gonna happen. She's a really fun person, unlike Leo, who's so fake. I love both performances, but I will decide between them this weekend probably.

Sage Slowdive said...

I think she's wisely loosing that fake act - or at least she better if she doesn't want to be crucified after she wins.

dinasztie said...

I didn't see SAG, but her Globes speech was so annoying.

I think that Helena might surprise after all. She will definitely get BAFTA and that might give her the edge. With hindsight, she was actually quite good, so I wouln't mind it that much.

dinasztie said...

BTW how would you rank the supporting nominees? I'm starting to prefer Rush over Bale, though I have yet to see Renner and Hawkes.

Sage Slowdive said...

John Hawkes
Jeremy Renner
Christian Bale

Mark Ruffalo

Geoffrey Rush

dinasztie said...

Then we disagree about Rush. I think he was good. I'm interested in Hawkes, but I'll see the movie anyway.

Sage Slowdive said...

I hated everything about the movie, to say the least, so I figured we would :)

Brandon (Twister) said...

My pick for right now is between Steinfeld and Adams who both go above and beyond their already meaty roles. Leo is solid but falls short of a worthy winner position.

Have you seen Let Me In?

Brandon (Twister) said...

Oh and Sage can you do a write up on Mila's performance?

Dazzling Aura said...

I am confused why Leo is fake?

I do hope Hawkes will block Bale's road to the Oscar.

Robert said...

Hooray! Great choice, Jacki is the best. I wish she would win, she would definitely give the best acceptance speech...I don't really need to see Melissa Leo do another one. Haha

dinasztie said...

OK, now I've made up my mind. I'm in team Melissa. She's so great as the white trash, loud woman. I know so many people like Alice Ward, and Leo is so great. Alice is so controlling plus a real drama queen. And she's so damn enjoyable. Perfect. I guess Melissa Leo was born to play white trash women. It could be written to her imdb profile under trade marks: "playing white trash". :D

Louis Morgan said...

I guess I should watch Weaver, I was not really overly impressed by the rest of them.

What did you think of Olivia Williams in The Ghost Writer, and Barbra Hershey in the Black Swan?

Sage Slowdive said...

I completely forgot about Barbara Hershey! There's 3 performances all better then the nominees this year: Kunis, Hershey, and Loretta Devine.

And no, I haven't seen Let Me In.

darinsinatra said...

Wow! So much hatred for THE KING'S SPEECH! I don't get it-???!!! I thought it was a great movie. Not Best Picture, but not completely unworthy. Wow. We agree on a lot of things, but not this! Ah well, to each his own.

darinsinatra said...

Mila Kunis didn't leave a huge impression with me. I loved BLACK SWAN, but Kunis just walked through it. To say she deserved an Oscar nom doesn't make sense to me. It was a springboard to better roles for her.

Brandon (Twister) said...

There's something about Hershey's weird performance that just felt wrong or off-pitched; maybe its how limited dimensionally the character is by the actress and director.