Sunday, July 11, 2010

"Actress In A Leading Role" 2005: My Ranking


5. Reese Witherspoon in Walk The Line

- Reese Witherspoon doesn't know how to play June Carter, whether she is trying her best to sing or failing to be sassy or remotely interesting.

4. Keira Knightly in Pride and Prejudice
- It's clear from the beginning, Keira Knightly is going to give one forceful performance, but what isn't clear is how she knows Elizabeth, the one Jane Austen wrote, not what the one her director wanted.

3. Judi Dench in Mrs. Henderson Presents

- Judi Dench doesn't take Mrs. Henderson seriously, but she also fails to add any clairty or reason behind her character's actions, which turn the performance into something uninteresting and boring.

2. Charlize Theron in North Country

- With so much effort, Charlize Theron shows the dignity and courage of a woman who has been harrassed for the last time, in a man's world. Her performance takes many twists and turns but in the end she always holds it together.

1. Felicity Huffman in Transamerica

- Felicity Huffman gives a performance that is perfect in many ways. First of all, there is no gimmicks, whatsoever attached to her performance. Yes, here is a woman playing a man becoming a woman, but she adds many layers, facets, and complexities to her character with sadness and even humor. A brilliant performance.

Honorable Omissions: Lauren Lee Smith in "Lie With Me", Gretchen Mol in "The Notorious Bettie Page" and Zhang Ziyi in "Memoirs Of A Geisha"


Louis Morgan said...

As I expected, pretty weak year.

Twister said...

Yeah this year really did suck! But good job Sage...I haven't seen Huffman but just from looking at the rest she's probably my pick to.

Sage Slowdive said...

I'd watch all the movies before I would pick someone :)

Fritz said...

No surprise here! Great work!

I think you said that 1960 is next? If your're still thinking about it, 1973 would be very interesting!

Sage Slowdive said...

I could do either! Both winners aren't that respected, and there's not a clear favorite in either race, but 73 does divide people the most, so...I guess I'll make up my mind in a couple of days :)

dinasztie said...

I really agree with picking Huffman, she was a true standout. 1973 would be interesting too, though I asked for 1960.:) I think both winners are very hated, though Jackson doesn't deserve it. People are always complaining that comedy is never recognised, but once someone gets an award for a comedy performance, it's instantly attacked. Shame. Jackson was excellent.
BTW what do you think about Sunday, Bloody Sunday? I think Peter Finch was mindblowing and Glenda was great too, but I prefer Fonda for the win.

joe burns said...

Yeah a very weak year it seems though I haven"t any of them in a long time, except for Huffman. I"d be interested to see your thoughts on 73 it"s an interesting year and the performances aren"t talked about as much, well, Mason and Woodward"s at least. And don " t forget. , it was your very first Best Actress ranking originally!

Sage Slowdive said...

Well, every year is accessible for me :) So, there's always time to see them all...

SBS was great, espeically Peter Finch.

Nice to see you back Joe! Yes, the first "minor" one I did long last year...

Malcolm said...

Oh! A weeeeaaaak year.

Only two managed to get high points. And a nominee received 1 1/2 and that happened to be the winner! Weak but very interesting.

Allen said...

Congrats on another year down! I haven't gotten around to seeing Transamerica yet. I did however, see the snubbed Joan Allen in The Upside of Anger and thought she was great, definitely would have made the year better had she been nominated.

Sage Slowdive said...

Thanks Allen!

I still haven't seen Upside Of Anger, but I'm going to have to, because I've heard from many people she should have been nominated.