Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Piper Laurie in "Carrie"

Piper Laurie received her second Oscar nomination for playing Margaret White in Carrie.

As I said in my review of Sissy Spacek, Carrie is a film that is not for all tastes, but I like it and find it to be very entertaining, thanks to Spacek, and some great weird work from Piper Laurie.

She plays Margaret White, a woman whose life seems to be more or less circulated around Jesus. From the moment she first walks on, she's scary (well, at least I thought). The woman, dressed in black, is trying to force herself into the home of a neighbor so she can speak about the "evil" of youth and how Jesus saves. It's also established Margaret is a judgmental woman, which makes it even more tense. And who can forget that completely over the top scene where Carrie confesses her "sin" to her mother, both of these actresses are on par with each other, working off of each others greatness. Plus, her last scenes are, not only vulnerable, but also heartbreaking in a strange way.

Without completing going into villain territory, Piper Laurie always keeps Margret's sacrificial "love" in the forefront of her performance. In her quietest moments, she is always frightening, which is honestly strange since the frightening scenes belong to Spacek. And it's pretty impressive Laurie is always able to seem overly scary with just moving her head or walking around in her nun-esque outfit.

I wouldn't say she's better then Sissy Spacek. I think both of them do incredibly passionate work as mother and daughter, and are on par with each other. I do think that in a brilliant way, Laurie is more terrifying then Spacek's Carrie. I don't know, there is always something more eerie going on with Mrs. White. A great performance.

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joe burns said...

Agreed! A great, great performance!