Monday, May 10, 2010

Shirley Booth in "Come Back, Little Sheba"

Shirley Booth won the Oscar, for recreating her stage role of Lola Delaney, in Come Back, Little Sheba.

Come Back, Little Sheba is the story of a couple, going through distress. The husband is trying to come to terms with his alcoholism, he takes a great interest in the new neighbor. His wife is trying to come to terms with what life once was, she takes interest in the neighbor as well, but her main concern in her dog, Sheba, whose just run away.

Lola is an ordinary woman, living an ordinary life, and desperately wanting some joy and attention from someone.

Since her dog left, her life has seemed to stop. Since this happens off screen, Booth had to make it believable that she was once an active woman due to her dog, now she doesn't want to do anything. Shirley Booth also had to make it believable that her and Burt Lancaster could be husband and wife, since he was fairly young and she was fairly middle aged. It's all works, and it's a stunning accomplishment.

Heartbreaking would be another word to describe her performance. Seeing this woman's world crumble around her as she waits for her dog, is simply a tough a experience to sit through. Especially, the scenes near the end where her husband insults her, these are particularity tough scenes to sit through. Not to mention a phone scene involving her parents. Shirley Booth is just...heartbreaking as Lola. She never plays it for tears, yet all of these incredibly sad scenes are always well played by Booth.

Shirley Booth hits all of heights of acting as Lola Delaney. As her world crumbles, you feel for her, and want her to break out of her failed dreams and constant desperateness. A bit annoying and fake at times, but still extremely terrific.


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joe burns said...

She was a little annoying in the beginning, but she really was fantastic through out the rest of the film.