Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shirley MacLaine in "The Turning Point"

Shirley MacLaine received her fourth Oscar nomination for playing Deedee Rogers, a housewife and former ballerina, in The Turning Point.

Deedee is a seemingly happy woman, whose daughter is slowly becoming a promising ballerina, but she has always questioned whether or not she made the right decision by picking a family over a career. When she gets the chance to see her former friends, she is genuinely excited, especially with Emma (Anne Bancroft).

Shirley MacLaine does a wonderful job in these scenes, as her joy and excitement seem genuinely real, but there's also some regret and bitterness towards what she could have done with her life when she gets back in this world. What would have happened had she not chose to have a family, this is the question Deedee continues to ask throughout the film.

Deedee, though she loves her husband and children, the meeting of her former colleagues awakens something in her mind. She has an affair, and questions whether or not she should even stay with her life. MacLaine easily walks her way through these scenes, like a pro, never having a false moment.

Shirley's best moment comes when she has one huge fight with Emma, and all her harsh emotions are present.

The problem with the performance is Deedee is not that interesting, especially compared to Anne Bancroft's character, who has much more character development (even though her screen-time is extremely small). But, ironically, I prefer MacLaine's performance over Bancroft's because Shirley is so believable as the loving, but troubled housewife.

A nice, adequate performance that really drives the movie, but not really an interesting character.


joe burns said...

I think your ranking will be:

1. Mason

2. Fonda

3. Keaton

4. Maclaine

5. Bancroft

And are you sure you don't have a link to The Sterile Cukoo? Because I really want to do 1969 next, but Cukoo is the only film I can't find.

Sage Slowdive said...

Why do you think Fonda will be second?

No, pretty sure.

joe burns said...

I just thought that since she was your second pick when you first did this year that she would be this time. And that's too bad! I might do 1940 next or 1991.

Celso said...

Fonda is my favorite and I'm rooting for her!
By the way, only Keaton had a great change in her grade.

Fritz said...

My guess for your ranking:

1. Jane Fonda

2. Marsha Mason

3. Diane Keaton

4. Shirley MacLaine

5. Anne Bancroft

Sage Slowdive said...

We'll see...

joe burns said...

Just wondering, but is it a coincdence that you always do the person you pick last?

Sage Slowdive said...

It's happened so far, does it matter?