Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Greer Garson in "The Valley Of Decision"

Greer Garson received her sixth nomination for playing Mary Rafferty, a poor, young house maid in The Valley Of Decision.

Greer Garson was Oscar's favorite in the early 40s, and I imagine they loved nominating her for really anything. Case in point.

The Valley Of Decision is a love story about a poor maid Mary (Garson) who falls for the son of the family (Gregory Peck) she cleans for. It is astonishing Greer was cast as this young woman...I mean, the woman just played Mrs. Miniver, now she's playing someone who was probably around the age of Tersea Wright's character in that movie.

So, it's hard to judge. Greer gets the best of her character, doing a good job portraying the poor girl putting herself in a rich man's world. She is bright, fun, and non judgmental, going against her father.

But, again, it's hard to judge, because the director is obviously trying to hide the fact Greer is too old to be playing such a character. And it's always in the way of feeling she is the character.

But, Greer carries this movie on her shoulders. I feel she got her accent right, and even though she is way too old to play this, it's still entertaining. And when she rises to the challenge, she is very good as Mary, showing her struggle to keep her disagreeable father happy, and still be with the man she loves.

She is terribly miscast, but when she rises to the challenge of a juicy part, she succeeds in an entertaining, almost charming performance.


joe burns said...

I think she'll make four in your ranking. What nominee will be next?

Sage Slowdive said...

Don't know yet :)

joe burns said...

Hey, do you remind reposting the comment you made on my 88 resolution? Because I had to make a new post to add the video.