Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Actress In A Leading Role" 1977

The next year I'll be unearthing is:

The nominees were:
  • Anne Bancroft in The Turning Point
  • Jane Fonda in Julia
  • Diane Keaton in Annie Hall
  • Shirley MacLaine in The Turning Point
  • Marsha Mason in The Goodbye Girl
My posts might be a little infrequent for some time, but who will I name the Best Actress of 1977?


Louis Morgan said...

I'll guess Marsha Mason because that's who you originally chose, but perhaps you'll switch to Fonda on rewatch.

Sage Slowdive said...

Who knows! :)

joe burns said...

I hope Diane Keaton wins! But I find that unlikely. I think Mason will be your pick.

Sage Slowdive said...

That's what I love about rewatching the movies before I review the women, because I fully supported MacLaine's win, but on reviewing I found Alexander to be mindblowing, even more then before.

So anything is possible :)

Tom said...

I recall you were a bit underwhelmed with Diane; she probably won't be #1.

Fritz said...

I guess it will be between Marsha and Jane. I thought Marsha was quite good and if I remember correctly, I even liked Jane in this.

Malcolm said...

Diane Keaton for # 1!

Although, yes, she has a slim chances of getting number one but rewatching movies changes a lot of things.