Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ellen Page in "Juno"

Ellen Page received her first Oscar nomination for playing Juno McGuff, in Juno.

Juno is horrible....there I said it. Diablo Cody owes her Oscar to the hype about her being a former stripper. I say this because, this is what kills Ellen Page's performance, the material.

Juno is not your average teenager. She is cynical, self aware, and loves to constantly give one liners, like when she calls her friend and says "no, it's Morgan Freeman". I'll wait while you laugh.

Anyways, Juno is a self protective young girl, who holds up many barriers to everyone she meets, but we're supposed to believe she sleeps with her best friend randomly?

Okay, moving on, enough with the terrible screenplay. Ellen Page is trying with this movie very well, and thankfully, she succeeds in ways. Honestly, I couldn't see anyone else playing this character.

Page is able to show Juno's weaknesses and insecurity and that is hard to do for such a young actress. The problem is Juno is not likable (the screenplay's fault again). She's overly annoying and smartalic to everyone around her, with the exception of maybe her parents. She wants to give her baby away, yet there's never a moment when she is crying in the car or having a crush on the man who is going to take her baby, where I actually believe it.

Juno is a horribly written character, yet Ellen Page does her absolute best with it. The crying in the car scene, is completely random, but Ellen Page nails this moment; the tears come very natural and it doesn't seem forced. Also when she is in the abortion clinic, that scene is fantastic because Page has to communicate her feelings with just her face, and no "quirky" dialogue. And again, Ellen Page really has the attitude and quirkiness down of Juno. The problem is, it's horribly written.

Good job Ellen Page for trying, and she has some very good moments, but overall, the writing brings it way down.


Robert said...

I definitely think that Diablo Cody should give her screenplay oscar to Ellen Page - if it hadn't been for her amazing performance, those one-liners and the rest of the screenplay would have just been ridiculous. Yet Page makes it work so well!

Malcolm said...

I think it's well written. It sometimes go over well-written, but I still love it. But I understand if someone will get annoyed by this movie.

Ellen is great here and she is my pick for this year. She's my pick as of this moment as I have only seen Linney among the nominees.

Nice write-up anyway! Keep it up.

Who's next? I'm excited.

Louis Morgan said...

The over done dialogue just became annoying. It is strange that there were people who defended as realistic.

Twister said...

I liked Page in Juno. There are scenes where you can really tell that she shows different sides of Juno, and not just the smart-ass prego girl. She conveys sadness and hesitation without losing the character's essence.

Watching it again I didn't realize how great Jennifer Garner was. I would have given her a nomination for sure.

Celso said...

It became somewhat of a tradition to have a overhyped indie-movie in the Oscar finalists since "Little Miss Sunshine". But the problem with "Juno" is that the screenplay makes her so smart that it's just unberable!

Sage Slowdive said...

I'm surprised at the love she's getting, but it's okay with me :)

This year seems to have a favorite with everyone.

joe burns said...

I think there should have been more serious stuff about the pregnancy, but I thought Page did a great job as Juno. A difficult role, and I thought she was funny and natural. Four stars for me. But Laura Linney is my choice. If Page had won, would she have been on your worst list? And do Cotillard next!

Sage Slowdive said...

Certainly I've seen worst performances, but the writing...goodness.

Twister said...

The writing is supposed to be very pretentiousy and smarty pants but it does get annoying.

Little Miss Sunshine was ALOT better, even though many prefer Juno(?!)

Sage Slowdive said...

So, Diablo Cody wants people to believe there's people out there who actually talk like this?

No wonder her career has gone nowhere.

joe burns said...

Well, that's good. Do you have a link to La Vie En Rose? I'll be doing 2007 after 2006.

joe burns said...

So, do you have a link?

Sage Slowdive said...