Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jane Alexander in "Testament"

Jane Alexander received her fourth nomination for playing Carol Wetherly, a loving housewife who deal with a nuclear apocalypse.

Testament is a tough movie to watch. The movie basically is about the world ending and how one town in California is able to withstand the impact.

Carol Wetherly is a very loving housewife, who takes care of her three children. In the beginning, Carol seems like a terrific woman who loves simply being with her children. Suddenly, the TV comes on and the world begins to end.

Carol immediately doesn't know how to react, which isn't strange, because out her window she is seeing everything disintegrate.

The rest of the movie focuses on how the little town survives the apocalypse. And this is when the film becomes tough. Soon, everyone starts to die, including Carol's own children, and the movies becomes very, very depressing.
So, in order to make this very depressing movie work, Jane Alexander has to make everything work. She turns Carol into a loving housewife, then a frantic woman, always on the edge, due to the tragic situation. She literally lets her emotions run, never holding back or seeming sympathetic.

Alexander has many great scenes. I think the best is when her daughter asks what making love is like. Jane Alexander is downright brilliant in this scene. She holds absolutely nothing back.

Jane Alexander is immense in a scene where she listens to her dead husband on an answering machine, then takes the batteries out so they can be used for something else. She is heartbreaking.

Jane Alexander gives a disturbing, brilliant performance, that shows the horrors that could befall the world. Truly a piece of acting that haunts.

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Robert said...

I really want to watch this movie! It's a bit hard to find but i'm dying to see this performance. haha