Sunday, March 14, 2010

Debra Winger in "Terms Of Endearment"

Debra Winger received her second nomination for playing Emma Greenway Horton in Terms Of Endearment.

Terms Of Endearment follows the life of Emma and her eccentric mother Aurora (Shirley MacLaine, who I will talk about more later).

Terms Of Endearment excels everything it sets out to do. To make you laugh, and make you cry, and part of this belongs to Debra Winger. She seems to be completely in-captured in her performance, never letting it dawn on the audience she is not trying.

Debra Winger obviously get the more laid out storyline of the two women. She loves, she leaves, and she dies, and Winger does it all fabulously. Her chemistry with Jeff Daniels is great. The two work really well off of each other. The whole storyline with John Lithgow is pointless, yet Winger is still able to make it all interesting and keep the audience enthralled in her complicated life.

But, the charm of her performance, and the heart of the film, is her relationship with her mother. Winger and MacLaine are magical together, like the scene where the two discuss Aurora's budding relationship with an astronaut (Jack Nicholson), the two are simply terrific together.

When Emma is on her death bed, it does bother me that Winger doesn't exactly look sick, but I guess that's one minor complaint that lies with the filmmakers and not Winger.

It's an impressive accomplishment of a somewhat simple woman who has a tumultuous life, and is beautifully played by Winger.

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joe burns said...

Completely agree! I would give her five stars!