Friday, March 19, 2010

Ida Kaminska in "The Shop On Main Street"

Ida Kaminska received her only Oscar nomination for playing Rozália Lautmannová, a near deaf, elderly Jewish shop-owner in The Shop On Main Street.

The story concerns a young carpenter Tono (Jozef Kroner) who, in an agreement, takes over the old woman's sewing store. The role of Rozalia calls for an actress to be dumb, but not completely stupid. The old woman is clearly smart, but oblivious to the chaos and evil outside of her shop.

Ida Kaminska was a veteran stage actress, and some of her scenes show this. She also has a tendency to be overly annoying in some of her earlier scenes. But, I'm sure this is what the filmmakers were going for. Ms. Lautmannova is dumb, but there's always something underlaying that. She can barely hear, but once she figures everything out, about her situation and herself, she is as effective as a performance can get.

While the early scenes are a little too theatrical, the last scenes are almost incredible. Kaminska totally turns her character is too a heartbreaking creation, and it's hard not to cry when she's in trouble.

I give her major props for not turning her character into a hopeless old woman either. We actually care for her, and want her to finally wise up to the world around her.

Ida Kaminska gives the kind of performance that is perfect within it's limits. It's a little too much in the beginning, but turns into a solid, heartbreaking work in the latter part of the movie. I do wish there was a little more with handling her background, but, overall, it's a great, effective performance.


joe burns said...

LOL, I thought that this was The Shop Around The Corner, which they made You've Got Mail from. I should have payed more attention to the title. Good writeup!

Celso said...

This movie is so beautiful! I always cry in the end! But I think Kaminska's role is a borderline between leading and supporting, and Tono is the real leading character.

Sage Slowdive said...

I somewhat I agree...I thought about adding that into my review, but left it out.

She is one of those borderline cases, where she would be comfortable in either for some, but I really think she is leading in that movie, but that's me :)

I agree! Totally heartwrenching in the end.

joe burns said...

Who's profile will be next? And did you see my 2001 Best Actress ranking?

Fritz said...

Hey, Sage, how did you make this link-list on the right side with all the years? I wanted to do that, too, but I can only put them one below the other and not next to each other.

Sage Slowdive said...

There's only 2 more left :)

@Fritz: Go to where you add gadgets to your blog, add the text, and then fill it in with the years and the | button to separate them.