Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Up In The Air

I was going to save this review till a few days from now, but I can't help myself to go ahead and post it.

I was watching At The Movies, the other day and heard A.O. Scott compare Up In The Air to Frank Capra and he thinks this movie will be remembered as a classic 50 years from now.

Well, I wondered what kind of crack Hollywood was smoking when Slumdog was sweeping awards left and right, but I get this same feeling again with this "predicted" Best Picture winner.

Let me start off by saying I don't know what film "style" Jason Reitman is going for. Movies that piss me off, maybe? Because I didn't like Thank You For Smoking, and Juno, well don't get me started, but Up In The Air is no exception, and is actually the worst of his films.

Comparing this movie to Frank Capra, is like comparing a porn star's acting abilties to Meryl Streep's, it's INSANE.

We are supposed to care for George Clooney's character, and how are we supposed to do that, when he is turning one of the woodenest performances in recent history. I think this man has no range whatsoever, then being a "pretty" middle aged man.

Vera Farmiga is fine, I suppose. She was by far the only character in the movie I found interesting. But, something didn't click with her either. I haven't been able to put my finger on it, but it seems she is just going through the motions or something in this.

And Anna Kendrick........Anna Kendrick.

Before seeing the movie, I found out she won the NBR's Best Supporting award, and MY GOD.

Her inexperience, her delivery, her INEXPERIENCE are incredibly bad. She really needs to stick to those Twilight movies where inexperience is flowing and she can swim in it.

Now, before you get any ideas, I am not abusing Kendrick just because she could possibly beat the incredible Mo'Nique this year, that's not the case. If Kendrick does win the Oscar (god forbid), wow, I just don't know what I will do. Jump off a building maybe?

The character, first of all, is supposed to be this whiz kid who apparently is brilliant. Well, Kendrick is not the right actress to play that type of role. She's too cute and did I mention her skills in acting? Anyways, the movie is so full of itself, that the movie always turns to Anna Kendrick's character to save it, and sorry, the movie isn't even about her, why do we always come back to her?

I find it amazing I am seeing passionate reviews for this movie. I'm starting to catch up on movies this year, and I've only seen, maybe 3, I actually liked.

But, what kind of injustice will it be if Anna Kendrick wins the Oscar. George Clooney has actually won the past 2 critics awards for Actor, but he has no chance of the Oscar this year, unless the Academy continues their trend of a former Oscar winner winning again (Day Lewis, Penn), but his performance is so lightweight, there is no way he could pull off a win in this day and age when most of the lead actor winners are powerful or real life performances. Which brings me back to Kendrick. If the movie wins Best Picture, won't the movie have to have some kind of other Oscar win? And usually whatever is nominated for Best Picture gets more Oscar wins. But, it will be a grave, diginty loss on part of the Academy if they don't honor Mo'Nique this year. As for Kendrick, I don't have anything against the girl. I frankly didn't even know who she was, but an Oscar win, let alone a nomination would be too much for this inexperienced actress.


Tom said...

I liked this movie, and I could see it winning the best picture. Anna kendrick won't win the Oscar, I don't think, but her character did remind me of the typical corporate type that bosses love. I must say, I was happy when she quit! Oops. sorry if that's a spoiler for anyone who hasn't seen it.

Sage Slowdive said...

I was pretty happy too ;D

I have a feeling she won't win, but you know how the Academy are with their surprises.

joe burns said...

Interesting. Did you see An Education yet?

Sage Slowdive said...

No not yet. For some reason it's not playing near me.

Tom said...

I heard it's supposed to be good.

Tom said...

Another one that's supposed to be good is "Young Victoria".