Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tilda Swinton Proves Herself

Last night, me and my friend decided to go to the cinema. And the only movie of interest playing, was Julia. Starring Tilda Swinton.

I have been somewhat of a fan of Tilda's, since her Oscar winning turn in Micheal Clayton, although I was fully aware of her in movies like Young Adam and The Deep End. But, it was until Micheal Clayton, when I was able to realize this woman was capalbe of anything.

Her performance...stunned me. Here's a short review, I stole from someone ;D :

"JULIA is one of those films that goes beyond being a story and production worth the viewers' attention: this is one of those experiences in observing the art of acting at its peak. Tilda Swinton who continues to explore roles that challenge her and her audience, roles that few other actresses would considering making let alone making, and in JULIA she covers a range of emotions and mutations of a character that simply leave the audience in complete awe of her talent. She is extraordinary!

Julia is a bright but flawed person. She is an alcoholic who spends her nights drinking herself into oblivion only to wake up the next morning not recognizing her bed partner or the surroundings of her comatosed night of stupor. Swinton makes us understand this character's 'way with men' in her grossly revealing clothes and her flirtations backed by a mouth of filth. Julia loses her job over her drunken tardiness and has ruined a 'relationship' with ex-alcoholic Mitch (Saul Rubinek) and finally goes to an AA meeting where she meets Elena (Kate Del Castillo), a pathetic recovering alcoholic whose only goal in life is to retrieve her son Tom (Aidan Gould) from his wealthy disapproving grandfather. Julia is so desperate for money that she buys into a bizarre 'kidnapping' of Tom for Elena, a decision that triggers all of the rest of the film's journey through crime and sleaze as Julia fails at every effort to 'play the game' of criminal to make a fortune. Traveling from Los Angeles through the desert to Mexico, along the way Julia encounters 'co-facilitators' in her new life of crime - portrayed by such fine actors as Bruno Bichir (Demian Bichir's brother), a new and fine young actor Horacio Garcia Rojas, and Eugene Byrd to name only a few of the standout performances. Though a bit overlong at 2 1/2 hours, the script by Michael Collins and Camille Natta is spot on perfect and the direction by Erick Zonca makes the long film always richly colored and fascinating in attention to detail."
I couldn't have said it better. Tilda Swinton gives a extraordinary tour-de-force that left me breathless.
As of right now, this is my choice for Best Actress of 2009.
Congratulations Tilda! You're a true actress.


MovieMania said...

Damn straight she is a true actress!

I think the Academy picking her as their Best Supporting Actress of 2007 was one of the best decisions they have ever made. A real upset, but an ultra cool one...

Robert said...

I'm still bitter that Sandra Bullock WON and Tilda didn't even get nominated. >:(