Monday, July 20, 2009

Tara Thornton - The Supporting Actresses

My recently new addiction, is True Blood. A brilliant drama about America's upheaval while living among vampires. It's got alot of things I love: crazy Cajuns, mind reader/psychics, and sex & violence play a major part in the show, which is should. Twilight, this isn't.

The first person that literally grabbed me and punched me in the face was
Rutina Wesley

as Tara Thornton

Tara Thornton is the best friend of the soul of the show, Sookie Stackhouse (Best Supporting Actress 1993, Anna Paquin). Tara is one complicated young woman. Her mother has verbally and physically abused her since her birth. Her mother, Lettie Mae, is a hopeless drunk.
As the show progresses through the first season, Tara starts to have an awkward affair with the manager of her job, Sam Merlotte (Sam Trimmell). Of course, the relationship fails because Tara hates everything. Her mother tells her that a "demon" is inside her body, and that's why she has been a neglectful and violent mother for so many years. She has the "exorcism", yet Miss Janette, the voodoo goddess (who later turns out to be a phony), tells her she has a demon inside her also, so Tara has an exorcism. Yet, Tara sees Miss Janette working at a pharmacy, realizing she is a fake.

Ultimately, Tara becomes hopeless again, and hits a tree, while drunk driving. She gets arrested and her born again Christian mother tells her she cannot come back to her house. Then, enters a mysterious 40-ish woman, Maryann, who offers to help Tara out with her problems.

True Blood is perhaps the best TV show airing today (it didn't get nominated for any Emmys!!), and hopefully, Tara will be able to escape Maryann's "mysterious" hold on her, and will hopefully, be interacting more with Sookie and Bill, who are arguably the most interesting on the show.

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