Monday, July 27, 2009

Last Movie Seen - Mysterious Skin (2004)

Mysterious Skin (2004 - ????? time)

10/10 - What exactly makes this my favorite movie of all time? Well, I can't answer that. The story revolves around two male teenagers who are linked to each other through a horrible incident in their young days; one deals with it, by thinking he has been abducted by aliens, and the other becomes a gay, male prostitute.

This is no kids story, and many viewers will find it extremely hard to handle. Joseph Gordon Levitt delivers, perhaps my favorite Actoring performance in, it offers four exceptional Supporting Actress performance, from Michelle Tractenburg (a worrisome best friend, Mary Lynn Raskub (a lonesome, homely girl who thinks she has been abducted by aliens), Lisa Long (Brian Lackey's mother), and Elizabeth Shue (Neil McCormick's mother).

When I watch this movie, I am always into the story, and, the mystery....

A masterpiece....not for the closeminded or squeamish.

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