Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm Getting Tired of True Blood

Coming from a person, who has sat through ever Oscar nominated movie of all time (in the major categories, and documentaries), I can honestly say, that Season 2 of True Blood is a downward spiral. Here's some reasons why:

1: Maryann is the most annoying, unnecessary character in history.

She is absolutely, annoying to the point of wanting to slap her face and put her on Fox news. She adds nothing to the show except to torture Tara, Sam, and anyone who seems to cross her path. No wonder True Blood got shut out at the Emmys....

2: Why put new characters in, who add NOTHING to the show?
Beyond the fact, that the vampire hating church, is clearly a rip off of the fag-hating Westboro Baptist Church, why put Sarah (the preacher's wife), in a sexual affair with Jason? Why is the preacher's sexuality ALWAYS in my head? I mean, from the way it looks, he wants Jason more than Sarah does. I also don't understand why we are forced to see Jason in a church.

3. Tara has a love life.
When Tara had a sultry, love affair with Sam, it was plausible, since the two were desperate and someone could believe the two would hook up. But, her relationship with Eggs (!), is pointless. Why is she even attracted to him? I thought Tara was desperate, but to the point of falling for a man who simply plays the guitar, is completely ridiculous. Plus, it seems like he has a past relationship with Maryann (the show's X factor), so it's just something I don't like. Tara is my favorite character on the show, or was during the first season, now I'm becoming more comfortable with Jessica.
4. Did Sookie lose all of her brains and did Bill gain them?

It seems like between Season 1 and 2, Sookie has had a lobotomy, and Bill has gained more "smartness". Bill is now all knowing, and Sookie is more like a dog being dragged around by her master. Like last episode, did Sookie actually think she could waltz in the vampire church, not in disguise, and get away with it? Uh, no. Also, WHAT is up with the former flapper girlfriend of Bill's? Is she really going to be a point of the plot of the show? I don't think so...

I am only going to give this show one or two more shots to regain it's excellentness. If not, oh well, I'll just have find something else to watch. And I don't know how many times I roll my eyes when this comes on the screen.

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