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My Favorite Films - "The Last House On The Left" (1972)




Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Favorite Films - "Best Friends" (1974)

I usually like films that focus on a few characters rather then many or even alot. And "Best Friends" focuses exclusively on 4 characters.

Jessie (Richard Hatch) and Pat (Doug Chapin) have been friends since perhaps childhood. And they've done everything together. In the beginning we get a montage of pictures showing they've been through everything to the prom to the war. And this is how the movie gets it's edge. Jessie came home from Vietnam before Pat did, and it's pretty obvious the war has affected Pat, not Jessie. But, anyways, Jessie and his girlfriend Kathy (Susanne Benton) decide to drive to California to meet Pat when he gets off the airplane. See the thing is they want to take a cross country trip/vacation, and along comes Pat's estranged girlfriend Jo Ella (Ann Noland).

The movie starts off perfectly normal, when everyone see's each other again, it seems like this is going to be a fun road movie. But, soon tension starts to amount. Kathy is clingy to Jessie, and Pat is jealous. Plus, Kathy and Jessie has a much better, loving relationship, then Pat and Jo Ella. Pat is stilted and wants to enjoy life, Jo Ella wants to settle down and be married.

Things get even more heated when Jo Ella makes a fool out of herself by taking her top off at an Indian bar and a fight emerges with the group. Pat wants to protect Jessie (who was hit) but Kathy won't let him. It seems like Pat is becoming more and more obessed with getting Kathy completely out of the picture and having Jessie to himself.

Then, the film takes a hard left turn. Pat sits Jo Ella down and tells her he has no intention on marrying her. Her life is immediatly shattered. He then lies to her and tells her Jessie has been interested in her all this time and she should try to sleep with him. And then another turn comes when Pat sees Kathy alone and tells her Jessie would be a horrible husband and would probably cheat on her.
Jessie and Jo Ella sleep together, Pat tries to rape Kathy, and Jessie beats the holy hell out of Pat. This sets up the last half of the picture where Pat and Jessie try to regain their friendship, through what else, trying to find younger girls to have sex with.

In an ultimate turn of events in the movie (which I won't reveal for you loyal readers out there who will go see this), each one of the four's life are effected by the horrible tradgey that occurs at the end. It's a moment full of empathy, regret, and sadness. Pat ends the picture by saying "We've been together for so long.....we can have it all....."

"Best Friends" was mismarketed as a grindhouse/drive-in film in 1974, so the company that released it decided to release it in theaters in early 1975, and I'm sure if it had the proper advertisement and some Academy members actually took the time to see it, it would have got some kind of Academy recognition.

The part of "Best Friends" that keeps coming up is, Ann Noland. She easily gives one of my favorite performances of all time as Jo Ella.

Ann Noland's Jo Ella is multi-layered. She is seemingly happy and carefree, yet she worries about her future nearly every day. She stays "Best Friends" most interesting character. The scene right before her and Jessie have sex where she throws leaves on him and seems playful, then starts crying and says "We're not getting married..." She is heartbreaking!

For it's mellow and tense atmosphere, hippie soundtrack, and surpisingly great acting, including Ann Noland's shattering Jo Ella, makes "Best Friends" one of my favorite movies!

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The Hurt Locker and The Blind Side

The Hurt Locker:

This is already being touted as the dark horse for Best Picture, and I was really excited to see this. Well, when it was over, I was disappointed. I really don't know what it was (I'll watch it again soon), but it seemed like it was pointless. Like what was this movie trying to say, the Iraq War is bad and shouldn't be fought? I don't need a 2 hour movie to prove it to me, I know it's wrong. And Jeremy Renner, and espically Anthony Mackie, give the only performances in the film that weren't shakey. So, I would be really disappointed if this (or Up In The Air) wins Best Picture.

The Blind Side:

I try to be openminded when I'm watching a movie...but sometimes, it doesn't work. First of all, the movie is a MESS. It feels like the worst Lifetime movie you've ever seen. The story is unbelievable, and amazingly, this is based on a true story. Now, here's the answer to the question most of been asking, should Sandra Bullock be nominated? NO! Her performance was so unatural, annoying, and when she is saying her big speechs, she looks like she is reading cue cards. Why in the hell is she getting buzz? So, I urge you readers not to go see this, unless Bullock does get nominated, then watch at your own risk.

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"The Golden Girls" - The Entire Series

Not really sure why I am doing this, or even on my blog for that matter, this should be on IMDB or something, but it's late, i'm bored, and why not?

Golden Girls is my favorite show of all time, and I've seen every episode, at least, 10 times, I'd say, so here's my rating and personal awards for the entire series. Enjoy, and I hope some of you out there are GG fans! :)

1.01 - The Engagement - 6.5/10
1.02 - Guess Who's Coming To The Wedding? - 8/10
1.03 - Rose The Prude - 3.5/10
1.04 - Transplant - 10/10
1.05 - The Triangle - 10/10
1.06 - On Golden Girls - 9.5/10
1.07 - The Compeition - 9/10
1.08 - Break In - 10/10
1.09 - Blanche and The Younger Man - 10/10
1.10 - The Heart Attack - 5/10
1.11 - The Return of Dorothy's Ex - 10/10
1.12 - The Custody Battle - 6/10
1.13 - A Little Romance - 10/10
1.14 - That Was No Lady - 10/10
1.15 - In A Bed Of Roses - 8/10
1.16 - The Truth Will Out - 9.5/10
1.17 - Nice and Easy - 10/10
1.18 - The Operation - 10/10
1.19 - Second Motherhood - 10/10
1.20 - Adult Education - 10/10
1.21 - Flu Attack - 10/10
1.22 - Job Hunting - 8/10
1.23 - Blind Ambitions - 10/10
1.24 - Big Daddy - 9/10
1.25 - The Way We Met - 10/10

Best Episode: The Way We Met
Worst Episode: Rose The Prude
Best Performance: Bea Arthur in That Was No Lady
Worst Performance: Marcelo Tubert in Flu Attack
Personal Score For The Season: 10/10 (best season)

2.01 - End Of The Curse - 10/10
2.02 - Ladies Of The Evening - 10/10
2.03 - Take Him, He's Mine! - 10/10
2.04 - It's A Miserable Life - 10/10
2.05 - Isn't It Romantic? - 10/10
2.06 - Big Daddy's Little Lady - 8.5/10
2.07 - Family Affair - 10/10
2.08 - Vacation - 4.5/10
2.09 - Joust Between Friends - 10/10
2.10 - Love, Rose - 3/10
2.11 - Twas The Night Before Christmas - 10/10
2.12 - The Sisters - 10/10
2.13 - The Stan Who Came To Dinner - 8/10
2.14 - The Actor - 10/10
2.15 - Before and After - 6.5/10
2.16 - And Then There Was One - 5.5/10
2.17 - Bedtime Story - 9/10
2.18 - Forgive Me Father - 10/10
2.19 - Long Day's Journey Into Marinara - 9.5/10
2.20 - Whose Face Is This Anyways? - 10/10
2.21 - Dorothy's Prized Pupil - 4/10
2.22 - Diamond In The Rough - 7/10
2.23 - Son In Law Dearest - 9.5/10
2.24 - To Catch A Neighbor - 10/10
2.25 - A Piece Of Cake - 9/10
2.26 - Empty Nests - 0.5/10

Best Episode: Ladies Of The Evening
Worst Episode: Empty Nests
Best Performance: Rue McClanahan in End Of The Curse
Worst Performance: David Leisure in Empty Nests
Personal Score For The Season: 9/10

3.01 - Old Friends - 9/10
3.02 - One For The Money - 10/10
3.03 - Bringing Up Baby - 10/10
3.04 - The Housekeeper - 10/10
3.05 - Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself - 9.5/10
3.06 - Letter To Gorbachev - 4/10
3.07 - Strange Bedfellows - 10/10
3.08 - Brotherly Love - 7.5/10
3.09 - A Visit From Little Sven - 9/10
3.10 - The Audit - 10/10
3.11 - Three On The Couch - 3/10
3.12 - Charlie's Buddy - 7.5/10
3.13 - The Artist - 9/10
3.14 - Blanche's Little Girl - 10/10
3.15 - Dorothy's New Friend - 10/10
3.16 - Grab That Dough - 9.5/10
3.17 - My Brother, My Father - 10/10
3.18 - Golden Moments Part 1 - 1.5/10
3.19 - Golden Moments Part 2 - 1/10
3.20 - And Ma Makes Three - 8.5/10
3.21 - Larceny and Old Lace - 6.5/10
3.22 - Rose's Big Adventure - 8/10
3.23 - Mixed Blessings - 10/10
3.24 - Mister Terrific - 6/10
3.25 - Mother's Day - 7/10

Best Episode: Mixed Blessings
Worst Episode: Golden Moments Part 1 & 2
Best Performance: Bea Arthur in Dorothy's New Friend
Worst Performance: Tony Jay in The Artist (wasn't that bad though)
Personal Score For The Season: 8.5/10

4.01 - Yes, We Have No Havanas - 8.5/10
4.02 - The Days and Nights Of Sophia Petrillo - 2.5/10
4.03 - The One That Got Away - 7.5/10
4.04 - Yokel Hero - 10/10
4.05 - Bang The Drum Stanley - 4.5/10
4.06 - Sophia's Wedding Part 1 - 4/10
4.07 - Sophia's Wedding Part 2 - 2/10
4.08 - Brother Can You Spare A Jacket? - 10/10
4.09 - Scared Straight - 10/10
4.10 - Stan Takes A Wife - 10/10
4.11 - The Auction - 10/10
4.12 - Blind Date - 7.5/10
4.13 - The Importence Of Being Ernest - 5.5/10
4.14 - Love Me Tender - 9/10
4.15 - Valentine's Day - 7/10
4.16 - Two Rode Together - 8/10
4.17 - You Gotta Have Hope - 10/10
4.18 - Fiddler On The Ropes - 7.5/10
4.19 - Till Death Do We Volley - 10/10
4.20 - High Anxiety - 9.5/10
4.21 - Little Sister - 8/10
4.22 - Sophia's Choice - 10/10
4.23 - Rites Of Spring - 9/10
4.24 - Foregin Exchange - 4/10
4.25 - We're Outta Here Part 1 - 5/10
4.26 - We're Outta Here Part 2 - 2/10

Best Episode: Brother, Can You Spare A Jacket?
Worst Episode: We're Outta Here Part 2
Best Performance: Bea Arthur in Stan Takes A Wife
Worst Performance: Vito Scotti in Foregin Exchange
Personal Score For The Season: 8/10

5.01 - Sick and Tired Part 1 - 7.5/10
5.02 - Sick and Tired Part 2 - 9.5/10
5.03 - The Accuarte Conception - 10/10
5.04 - Rose Fights Back - 8/10
5.05 - Love Under The Big Top - 9.5/10
5.06 - Dancing In The Dark - 10/10
5.07 - Not Another Monday - 10/10
5.08 - That Old Feeling - 8/10
5.09 - Comedy Of Errors - 4.5/10
5.10 - All That Jazz - 8.5/10
5.11 - Ebb Tide - 10/10
5.12 - Have Yourself A Very Little Christmas - 9/10
5.13 - Mary Had A Little Lamb - 8.5/10
5.14 - Great Expectations - 7/10
5.15 - Triple Play - 8.5/10
5.16 - Clinton Avenue Memoirs - 10/10
5.17 - Like The Beep Beep Beep Of The Tom Tom - 10/10
5.18 - An Illegimate Concern - 10/10
5.19 - 72 Hours - 10/10
5.20 - Twice In A Lifetime - 6/10
5.21 - Sisters and Other Strangers - 10/10
5.22 - Cheaters - 10/10
5.23 - The Mangiacavallo Curse Makes a Lousy Wedding Present - 5/10
5.24 - All Bets Are Off - 9.5/10
5.25 - The President Is Coming! Part 1 - 1/10
5.26 - The President Is Coming! Part 2 - 0/10

Best Episode: Not Another Monday
Worst Episode: The President Is Coming! Part 2
Best Performance: TIE - Betty White in 72 Hours and Estelle Getty in Not Another Monday
Worst Performance: Eddie Bracken in Twice In A Lifetime
Personal Score For The Season: 9/10

6.01 - Blanche Delivers - 10/10
6.02 - Once In St. Olaf - 1/10
6.03 - If Last You Do Suceed - 3/10
6.04 - Snap Out Of It - 9/10
6.05 - Wham Bam Thank You Mammy - 6/10
6.06 - Feelings - 5/10
6.07 - Zborn Again - 3/10
6.08 - How Do You Solve A Problem Like Sophia? - 9.5/10
6.09 - Mrs. George Deveraux - 1.5/10
6.10 - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Before They Die - 10/10
6.11 - Stand By Your Man - 3/10
6.12 - Ebbtide's Revenge - 1/10
6.13 - The Bloom Is Off The Rose - 4/10
6.14 - Sisters Of The Bride - 10/10
6.15 - Miles To Go - 2.5/10
6.16 - There Goes The Bride Part 1 - 2.5/10
6.17 - There Goes The Bride Part 2 - 1/10
6.18 - Older and Wiser - 7/10
6.19 - Melodrama - 6.5/10
6.20 - Even Grandmas Get The Blues - 10/10
6.21 - Witness - 1/10
6.22 - What a Difference a Date Makes - 3/10
6.23 - Love For Sale - 4.5/10
6.24 - Never Yell Fire in a Crowded Retirement Home: Part 1 - 0/10
6.25 - Never Yell Fire in a Crowded Retirement Home: Part 2 - 0/10
6.26 - Henny Penny - 4/10

Best Episode: Even Grandmas Get The Blues
Worst Episode: Never Yell Fire in a Crowded Retirement Home: Part 1 & 2
Best Performance: Rue McClanahan in Even Grandmas Get The Blues
Worst Performance: George Grizzard in Mrs. George Deveroux
Personal Score For The Season - 3/10 (worst season)

7.01 - Hey Look Me Over - 5/10
7.02 - The Case Of The Libertine Belle - 10/10
7.03 - Beauty and The Beast - 6/10
7.04 - That's For Me To Know - 5.5/10
7.05 - Where's Charlie - 9.5/10
7.06 - Mother Load - 10/10
7.07 - Dateline: Miami - 2.5/10
7.08 - The Monkey Show: Part 1 - 10/10
7.09 - The Monkey Show: Part 2 - 10/10
7.10 - Rose Loves Miles - 7.5/10
7.11 - Room Seven - 10/10
7.12 - From Here To The Pharmacy - 10/10
7.13 - The Pope's Ring - 10/10
7.14 - Old Boyfrends - 9/10
7.15 - Goodbye Mr. Gordon - 10/10
7.16 - The Commitments - 10/10
7.17 - Questions and Answers - 10/10
7.18 - Ebbtide VI: The Wrath Of Stan - 8.5/10
7.19 - Journey To The Center Of Attention - 10/10
7.20 - A Midwinter Night's Dream: Part 1 - 3/10
7.21 - A Midwinter Night's Dream: Part 2 - 2.5/10
7.22 - Rose: Portrait of a Woman - 6/10
7.23 - Home Again, Rose: Part 1 - 10/10
7.24 - Home Again, Rose: Part 2 - 10/10
7.25 - One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest: Part 1 - 10/10
7.26 - One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest: Part 2 - 10/10

Best Episode: TIE - One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest: Part 1 & 2 and The Case Of The Libertine Belle
Worst Episode: Dateline: Miami 
Best Performace: Bea Arthur in One Flew Out Of The Cuckoo's Nest: Part 1 & 2
Worst Performance: Betty White in Where's Charlie
Personal Score For The Season: 10/10
Best Performance Of The Series: Betty White in 72 Hours
Worst Performance Of The Series: David Leisure in Empty Nests

Best Episode: One Flew Out Of The Cuckoo's Nest: Part 1 & 2
Worst Episode: Never Yell Fire In A Crowded Retirement Home: Part 1 & 2

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Up In The Air

I was going to save this review till a few days from now, but I can't help myself to go ahead and post it.

I was watching At The Movies, the other day and heard A.O. Scott compare Up In The Air to Frank Capra and he thinks this movie will be remembered as a classic 50 years from now.

Well, I wondered what kind of crack Hollywood was smoking when Slumdog was sweeping awards left and right, but I get this same feeling again with this "predicted" Best Picture winner.

Let me start off by saying I don't know what film "style" Jason Reitman is going for. Movies that piss me off, maybe? Because I didn't like Thank You For Smoking, and Juno, well don't get me started, but Up In The Air is no exception, and is actually the worst of his films.

Comparing this movie to Frank Capra, is like comparing a porn star's acting abilties to Meryl Streep's, it's INSANE.

We are supposed to care for George Clooney's character, and how are we supposed to do that, when he is turning one of the woodenest performances in recent history. I think this man has no range whatsoever, then being a "pretty" middle aged man.

Vera Farmiga is fine, I suppose. She was by far the only character in the movie I found interesting. But, something didn't click with her either. I haven't been able to put my finger on it, but it seems she is just going through the motions or something in this.

And Anna Kendrick........Anna Kendrick.

Before seeing the movie, I found out she won the NBR's Best Supporting award, and MY GOD.

Her inexperience, her delivery, her INEXPERIENCE are incredibly bad. She really needs to stick to those Twilight movies where inexperience is flowing and she can swim in it.

Now, before you get any ideas, I am not abusing Kendrick just because she could possibly beat the incredible Mo'Nique this year, that's not the case. If Kendrick does win the Oscar (god forbid), wow, I just don't know what I will do. Jump off a building maybe?

The character, first of all, is supposed to be this whiz kid who apparently is brilliant. Well, Kendrick is not the right actress to play that type of role. She's too cute and did I mention her skills in acting? Anyways, the movie is so full of itself, that the movie always turns to Anna Kendrick's character to save it, and sorry, the movie isn't even about her, why do we always come back to her?

I find it amazing I am seeing passionate reviews for this movie. I'm starting to catch up on movies this year, and I've only seen, maybe 3, I actually liked.

But, what kind of injustice will it be if Anna Kendrick wins the Oscar. George Clooney has actually won the past 2 critics awards for Actor, but he has no chance of the Oscar this year, unless the Academy continues their trend of a former Oscar winner winning again (Day Lewis, Penn), but his performance is so lightweight, there is no way he could pull off a win in this day and age when most of the lead actor winners are powerful or real life performances. Which brings me back to Kendrick. If the movie wins Best Picture, won't the movie have to have some kind of other Oscar win? And usually whatever is nominated for Best Picture gets more Oscar wins. But, it will be a grave, diginty loss on part of the Academy if they don't honor Mo'Nique this year. As for Kendrick, I don't have anything against the girl. I frankly didn't even know who she was, but an Oscar win, let alone a nomination would be too much for this inexperienced actress.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"Brigitte Bardot strips for millions"

"Brigitte Bardot strips for millions, she's a goddess. I sunbathe topless and I'm a scandal."

I seriously can't understand why people hate Jessica Lange's Oscar win! Ah, whatever.

So, coming soon, I will be doing a review of Mo'Nique in Precious, the next Oscar winner, I mean nominee ;)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Julie and Julia

So, I just finally saw Julie and Julia, and here's a short review:

I thought the film was average at best and a little uninteresting. I'm being kinda harsh, but I kept looking around most of the time.

Who stole the show? Stanley Tucci. Very subtle work. Amy Adams is doing her Amy Adams thing again and it's still good...wonder how long it'll last?

But, I saw this movie for really one reason, Meryl. Most people are touting her for her 3rd Oscar win, well, sorry Meryl. If she wins she'll be near the end of my ranking, because I never Julia Child, I saw Meryl acting like Julia Child. And I hate to say it, but I never bought it.

So, if she wins, it'll be a clear makeup award, but then again that's what they do now.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Has anyone ever tried being a vegetarian?

I became what I like to call "half" a vegetarian a couple of years ago. I wanted to swear off meat completely, but I couldn't deny my love for chicken and McDonalds. But, I have stopped eating bacon, sausage, pork, fish, and any other animal that people seem to love.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What Are Your Favorite Horror Films?

While I am this big melodrama lover, I love horror films. Espically movies that scare.

So, I am going to post my 15 favorite horror films.

Now, my inner B-movie lover might show up in this list, so don't shoot me, if you go out and rent the movies and hate them! :)

And my favorites horror films, are...:

So readers, do you like my favorites?

If you have any questions or thoughts, COMMENT!

Also, before I get the backlash for Blair Witch, I'd just like to say I got totally caught up in the hype of this movie, and for reason my mind suspends logic, and I always get scared.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Best Supporting Actresses So Far

Amber Heard as Christie in The Informers

Mo'Nique as Mary Jones in Precious

Come on, Oscar. Nominate these women!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tilda Swinton Proves Herself

Last night, me and my friend decided to go to the cinema. And the only movie of interest playing, was Julia. Starring Tilda Swinton.

I have been somewhat of a fan of Tilda's, since her Oscar winning turn in Micheal Clayton, although I was fully aware of her in movies like Young Adam and The Deep End. But, it was until Micheal Clayton, when I was able to realize this woman was capalbe of anything.

Her performance...stunned me. Here's a short review, I stole from someone ;D :

"JULIA is one of those films that goes beyond being a story and production worth the viewers' attention: this is one of those experiences in observing the art of acting at its peak. Tilda Swinton who continues to explore roles that challenge her and her audience, roles that few other actresses would considering making let alone making, and in JULIA she covers a range of emotions and mutations of a character that simply leave the audience in complete awe of her talent. She is extraordinary!

Julia is a bright but flawed person. She is an alcoholic who spends her nights drinking herself into oblivion only to wake up the next morning not recognizing her bed partner or the surroundings of her comatosed night of stupor. Swinton makes us understand this character's 'way with men' in her grossly revealing clothes and her flirtations backed by a mouth of filth. Julia loses her job over her drunken tardiness and has ruined a 'relationship' with ex-alcoholic Mitch (Saul Rubinek) and finally goes to an AA meeting where she meets Elena (Kate Del Castillo), a pathetic recovering alcoholic whose only goal in life is to retrieve her son Tom (Aidan Gould) from his wealthy disapproving grandfather. Julia is so desperate for money that she buys into a bizarre 'kidnapping' of Tom for Elena, a decision that triggers all of the rest of the film's journey through crime and sleaze as Julia fails at every effort to 'play the game' of criminal to make a fortune. Traveling from Los Angeles through the desert to Mexico, along the way Julia encounters 'co-facilitators' in her new life of crime - portrayed by such fine actors as Bruno Bichir (Demian Bichir's brother), a new and fine young actor Horacio Garcia Rojas, and Eugene Byrd to name only a few of the standout performances. Though a bit overlong at 2 1/2 hours, the script by Michael Collins and Camille Natta is spot on perfect and the direction by Erick Zonca makes the long film always richly colored and fascinating in attention to detail."
I couldn't have said it better. Tilda Swinton gives a extraordinary tour-de-force that left me breathless.
As of right now, this is my choice for Best Actress of 2009.
Congratulations Tilda! You're a true actress.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

Let me count the ways I love thee...

Alexander Skarsgard's best moments from True Blood.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Why the Hate For Helen Hayes?


While Hayes's role as Ada Quonsett is not really difficult, it's still good. It's hard to watch Airport without falling in love with Hayes's funny performance.

While I love Karen Black in Five Easy Pieces and an unnominated Suzy Allen in Cindy And Donna, Helen Hayes is just delightful in her short, but important role.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lynn Carlin - Faces: A Review

This is going to be a rather short review, but here we go:

Lynn Carlin in Faces

The year was 1968. The times where changing as well were seeing. John Cassavettes, who had just finishing starring in Rosemary's Baby, decided he would make a personal, independent feature. Interestingly enough, Cassavettes's costar, Ruth Gordon, would go on to win the Oscar who competed with Cassavettes's supporting actress, Lynn Carlin.

Lynn plays Maria. She is a seemingly happy, yet on the inside, she is a complete mess. Her marriage with her husband Richard (John Marley, in a wonderful performance) is tearing her slowly to shreds. Her husband returns home to her after he has spend the night with his best friend and a high class hooker (Gena Rowlands). He simply wants dinner, she wants more. He wants to have sex, she wants more. The emptiness of their marriage shines through every scene the pair share together.

Richard finally decides he wants a divorce. He cannot take the constant bickering the two share with each other, plus it was the swinging 60s, everyone had to swang. He makes a call to the hooker he met the night before, and even arranges to pick her up while Maria is the room. This is one of the coldest scenes I've ever seen. Maria accepts this abuse and decides she will take her time out of the town.

Her friends are perhaps the "Desperate Housewives" of 1968. They are all confused about the world's change around them, and are looking for new men to inhabit their lives. Enter a happy-go-lucky hippie, Chet (Seymour Cassel, in his best performance). They immediately have tension between each other, as Maria has tension with any man who makes a pass at her. Chet tries to cheer up these grouchy gooses as best as he can, and Maria, eventually becomes drunk. She decides if my husband wants another woman, maybe this can be my chance to get back at him.

The two both commit adultery at the exact same time. And Maria takes the all night love session, very, very badly. She decides she has committed the ultimate sin, and decides to kill herself. Her mental breakdown is only survived when Chet comforts her with tales and soft talk. Richard returns home to find Maria wet from the shower and Chet sneaking out the window. He is completely furious, and she, well, she is just a complete mess.

The truth comes out in a long conversation on the stairs. The talk is almost, uplifting, in a way, since she has almost committed suicide, and he almost killed her again. The two soon decide it's over and that's the way it will always be.

Lynn Carlin manages to make every scene hers (a true Supporting Actress). Her performance of such struggle and trying to come to understanding with her breakup of her husband of 14 years, if truly excellence.

But, ultimately, I agree with Ruth Gordon's equally brilliant performance in Rosemary's Baby. It was a year where we had two brilliant performances nominated together. But, Lynn Carlin goes down as my 2nd favorite nominee in history (right behind Hope Emerson in Caged.)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

SONG OF THE WEEK - Three Cigarettes In An Ashtray: Patsy Cline

This week's song is a classic country heartache song. This song reminds me of sitting in a small, country dining room, smoking a cigarette and drinking some whiskey to make the heartache go away.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm Getting Tired of True Blood

Coming from a person, who has sat through ever Oscar nominated movie of all time (in the major categories, and documentaries), I can honestly say, that Season 2 of True Blood is a downward spiral. Here's some reasons why:

1: Maryann is the most annoying, unnecessary character in history.

She is absolutely, annoying to the point of wanting to slap her face and put her on Fox news. She adds nothing to the show except to torture Tara, Sam, and anyone who seems to cross her path. No wonder True Blood got shut out at the Emmys....

2: Why put new characters in, who add NOTHING to the show?
Beyond the fact, that the vampire hating church, is clearly a rip off of the fag-hating Westboro Baptist Church, why put Sarah (the preacher's wife), in a sexual affair with Jason? Why is the preacher's sexuality ALWAYS in my head? I mean, from the way it looks, he wants Jason more than Sarah does. I also don't understand why we are forced to see Jason in a church.

3. Tara has a love life.
When Tara had a sultry, love affair with Sam, it was plausible, since the two were desperate and someone could believe the two would hook up. But, her relationship with Eggs (!), is pointless. Why is she even attracted to him? I thought Tara was desperate, but to the point of falling for a man who simply plays the guitar, is completely ridiculous. Plus, it seems like he has a past relationship with Maryann (the show's X factor), so it's just something I don't like. Tara is my favorite character on the show, or was during the first season, now I'm becoming more comfortable with Jessica.
4. Did Sookie lose all of her brains and did Bill gain them?

It seems like between Season 1 and 2, Sookie has had a lobotomy, and Bill has gained more "smartness". Bill is now all knowing, and Sookie is more like a dog being dragged around by her master. Like last episode, did Sookie actually think she could waltz in the vampire church, not in disguise, and get away with it? Uh, no. Also, WHAT is up with the former flapper girlfriend of Bill's? Is she really going to be a point of the plot of the show? I don't think so...

I am only going to give this show one or two more shots to regain it's excellentness. If not, oh well, I'll just have find something else to watch. And I don't know how many times I roll my eyes when this comes on the screen.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Last Movie Seen - Mysterious Skin (2004)

Mysterious Skin (2004 - ????? time)

10/10 - What exactly makes this my favorite movie of all time? Well, I can't answer that. The story revolves around two male teenagers who are linked to each other through a horrible incident in their young days; one deals with it, by thinking he has been abducted by aliens, and the other becomes a gay, male prostitute.

This is no kids story, and many viewers will find it extremely hard to handle. Joseph Gordon Levitt delivers, perhaps my favorite Actoring performance in, it offers four exceptional Supporting Actress performance, from Michelle Tractenburg (a worrisome best friend, Mary Lynn Raskub (a lonesome, homely girl who thinks she has been abducted by aliens), Lisa Long (Brian Lackey's mother), and Elizabeth Shue (Neil McCormick's mother).

When I watch this movie, I am always into the story, and, the mystery....

A masterpiece....not for the closeminded or squeamish.

Last Seen Movie - The Deer Hunter (1978)

The Deer Hunter (1978 - 7th or 8th time)

10/10- A movie that is as entertaining as it is depressing. The wedding sequence lasts practically 80 minutes and that's not necessarily a good thing, but it's a good way to set up our story. And beyond getting hot and bothered eyeing Robert De Niro , and seeing an incredible performance from Christopher Walken. Overall, a masterpiece of a movie.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Last Movie Seen

Bruno (2009)

3/10: Let me tell you, the unexpected scenes of penises was what got this 3 rating. Overall, a horrible movie that really shows how stupid this country is becoming.

My Mood In Pictures

I feel energetic, and ready for some big changes.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Tara Thornton - The Supporting Actresses

My recently new addiction, is True Blood. A brilliant drama about America's upheaval while living among vampires. It's got alot of things I love: crazy Cajuns, mind reader/psychics, and sex & violence play a major part in the show, which is should. Twilight, this isn't.

The first person that literally grabbed me and punched me in the face was
Rutina Wesley

as Tara Thornton

Tara Thornton is the best friend of the soul of the show, Sookie Stackhouse (Best Supporting Actress 1993, Anna Paquin). Tara is one complicated young woman. Her mother has verbally and physically abused her since her birth. Her mother, Lettie Mae, is a hopeless drunk.
As the show progresses through the first season, Tara starts to have an awkward affair with the manager of her job, Sam Merlotte (Sam Trimmell). Of course, the relationship fails because Tara hates everything. Her mother tells her that a "demon" is inside her body, and that's why she has been a neglectful and violent mother for so many years. She has the "exorcism", yet Miss Janette, the voodoo goddess (who later turns out to be a phony), tells her she has a demon inside her also, so Tara has an exorcism. Yet, Tara sees Miss Janette working at a pharmacy, realizing she is a fake.

Ultimately, Tara becomes hopeless again, and hits a tree, while drunk driving. She gets arrested and her born again Christian mother tells her she cannot come back to her house. Then, enters a mysterious 40-ish woman, Maryann, who offers to help Tara out with her problems.

True Blood is perhaps the best TV show airing today (it didn't get nominated for any Emmys!!), and hopefully, Tara will be able to escape Maryann's "mysterious" hold on her, and will hopefully, be interacting more with Sookie and Bill, who are arguably the most interesting on the show.